The Launch of KudaCan in Bishopston


On Saturday 24th November, KudaCan officially opened!  I went to the Launch Party with my husband and children.  We had a fantastic time and stayed there for the entire afternoon.

It is exciting to have another venue in Bishopston for 0-5 year olds.  I wanted to tell you a bit about KudaCan in case you have not yet visited and show some pictures of my children enjoying the launch!

KudaCan is at 7 Dongola Avenue, Bishopston which is behind Lloyds Bank on Gloucester Road, next to the cash points.  It is arranged over two floors.  Downstairs is the KudaCan cafe and the main activity area for young children.  Upstairs will have regular classes for both mums and young children.

Classes for mums include Yoga and post-natal fitness.  Classes for children include cookery and music classes, interactive storytelling and art craft activities held by Laura from The Creation Station.  What’s more, there will be more activities held at Kudacan over the holidays.

KudaCan is also available for party hire (visit KudaCan’s website for more details).

I met Pegah, owner and manager of KudaCan, a local mum to a toddler and who is expecting another child in the next couple of months.  Pegah explained that the word ‘kudacan’ means ‘children’ in Farsi, the language spoken in Iran which is where she is from originally.

She turned kudacan into a concept, a character called Kuda who ‘can’.  For example, Kuda can cook, can sing, can create.  Pegah designed Kuda to inspire kids to believe that they ‘can’ too.

Pegah told me she was excited about the opening of KudaCan and explained that there is nothing quite like it in this country.  KudaCan also differs from other children’s venues in that all staff are trained childcare professionals.

Pegah explained that it is important to her that KudaCan gives back to the community.  For this reason, there is no entry charge for babies under 6 months but Pegah asks instead for a small donation which goes towards the Cots for Tots Appeal at St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol.
Entry prices are as follows:

Babies 0 – 6 months: free
Babies 6 months – 1 year: £1
Children 1 – 5 years: £3

There is a creche where you can drop your kids off if you need to run errands for a while (or just have a break) which is £1 per 15 minutes.

There are a variety of toys and activities at KudaCan.  There is a ball pool, slide, etc for kids to work off their physical energy…

And there are more educational-type toys, too…

There is a little book corner…

There are dressing-up costumes…

And you didn’t think we would go to the KudaCan Launch without sampling the cake did you?!

The cafe area is arranged right next to the children’s activities and toys.  I really liked this aspect of KudaCan as I could keep an eye on my children at all times.  I also liked how the KudaCan staff play with the children and are there continually supervising them, for example, one helped my son put on the firefighter costume.

They were also great at dealing with and diffusing potential spats between kids over toys which meant parents didn’t have to get involved which I often find slightly awkward.

Little picket fences will be going up very soon to make separate sections for babies and children.  I think this will be useful and allow for older children to play freely with no danger of smaller ones getting hurt.

My children and I really enjoyed the launch of KudaCan.  I think KudaCan will be useful to parents and children in and around Bishopston.  I wish Pegah and her team the very best of luck!

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2 responses to “The Launch of KudaCan in Bishopston

  1. I went to kudacan this week with a friend… Between us we had a 3yr old, and nearly 3yr old, a 1yr old and a 6 month old baby.
    It was lovely, the staff were friendly, if rather busy. Facilities were clean and safe and the selection of food and drinks available was great.
    However…. Whilst a beautiful venue for babies and young toddlers, even at 3 and nearly 3 we felt it was a bit young for our girls. They quickly got bored of the toys and play equipment.
    Definitely one to go back to with the little ones while the older girls are at nursery/preschool.

  2. Hi and thank you so much for your comments. As a mum of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, I know it can be hard to find a venue with enough to fully occupy both children. Hilary

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