Summer Holiday Activities at KudaCan for Babies, Toddlers and Big Kids, too!

I must confess that in some ways I don’t look forward to the Summer holidays. Pre-School and playgroups close down and I am left with two naughty little imps and a long, hard Summer ahead of me. 
I know a lot of other mums and dads feel the same about Summer, so, I thought a post on the many activities that KudaCan offers this Summer might help!
KudaCan has new outdoor space which allows your children to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air but which is also secure and safe. My daughter has recently made much use of this. The area is clean and smart and has tables and chairs around the area for parents and carers to relax while watching their kids.

This summer, KudaCan is running several special one-off sessions which cater for ages 4 – 7 years, as well as their usual regular activities for babies, young children, mums and mums-to-be. 

Here are some of the usual regular activities at KudaCan: 

KudaCan Get Messy! – For babies and younger children under 2.5 years, this is a 30 minute session which allows your little one to get really messy! This class enables them to explore colours and textures so is therefore good for sensory development. £3.50 per class (pre-booking required). 

KudaCan Get Crafty! – For children over 2.5 years, this is an arty-crafty class which encourages creativity and individuality. £4.50 per class (pre-booking required).

KudaCan Cook! – A cookery class for young children and a great opportunity for children to learn about a wide range of ingredients and the basics of cooking. £4.50 per class (pre-booking required).

A recent Princesses and Pirates party at KudaCan
Over the Summer holidays, mmmBOPP is offering a FREE taster on Thursday 22nd August! Becky at mmmBOPP offers a 45 minute music and movement session for children around 15 months – 3 years (though younger siblings are also very welcome). 
In this session, little mmmBOPPERS will discover music and movement through a variety of multi-sensory and interactive approaches. My little girl loved mmmBOPP; there are puppets, scarves, bubbles, instruments, toys and her favourite, the parachute! Here is a video of mmmBOPP in action!

Spaces are limited at this one-off session, so to book a place or find out more, email or phone her on 07810895609.  

There will also be two one-off, special activities for children 4 – 7 years of age! An added benefit of these classes allow you to drop your child off for a few hours at KudaCan 🙂

First, there will be a KudaCamp with Kiddy Cook Workshop on Wednesday 7th August 10am – 1pm. When I heard about his I booked my son up immediately. He absolutely loves cooking and I don’t do nearly enough of this with him at home.

There will also be a KudaCamp with Lolly Lollipop Monster-Making Workshop on Wednesday 21st August at 10am – 1pm. This session enables kids to get creative as well as messy making finger painting monsters, drawings and sketches to make a truly terrifying monster!

Lolly Lollipop 

But, KudaCan also provides classes for YOU as well as your child: 
YogaFurie – A Yoga class which of which helps you to calm your mind, tone up, lose weight, improve sleep and concentration, to name just a few benefits of yoga. 

KudaCise – This class is run by Sarah, an experienced fitness instructor who is fully qualified in ante-natal and post-natal exercise and who encourages mums to have fun in her classes. 

KudaCan also hosts NCT ante-natal and post-natal classes, as well as Daisy Birthing classes for pregnant mums and Relax Stretch & Breathe with Mitch.
Not only that, KudaCan is currently taking registrations for KudaClub that will start in September! This is KucaCan’s very own after school club that will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday and they will even collect children from Bishop Road and Ashley Down Schools. 
I hope that this post helps gives you some ideas of activities for your children to do at KudaCan this Summer!
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