Express Acupuncture with Gemma David at KudaCan

Writing Bishopston Mum sometimes brings exciting invitations and an invitation to have Express Acupuncture with Gemma David was certainly one of them! 

Gemma David with her little girl
Gemma David – an experienced acupuncturist with a first class degree in acupuncture – has recently started offering express acupuncture at KudaCan which is aimed at busy mums in particular.

Acupuncture originated in China and other far eastern cultures over 2500 years ago and is now widely used and accepted all over the world for the treatment of various symptoms and illnesses. Gemma explains:

When healthy, it is believed that your body’s vital energy, ‘qi’ flows freely around your body. Symptoms of pain and illness arise as a result of your qi becoming disturbed, depleted or blocked. This can happen due to a variety of lifestyle factors such as stress, overwork and also due to injury and environmental reasons.” 

Acupuncture is aimed at the root of your illness and symptoms by having very fine needles inserted into particular points on your body which regulates the flow of qi and maintains your body’s equilibrium. However, you do not have to have a particular illness; exhaustion and stress and other niggles can all be treated, too.

I do not have any particular illnesses at the moment. However, I am very tired due to a phase of poor sleep courtesy to my children forming a team effort of waking up several times throughout the night since the Summer. We are also in the midst of having some house renovations and the chaos, dust, rubble and disorganisation has been getting me down.

So an offer of a free session of express acupuncture seemed quite timely 🙂 

Normally if you are having acupuncture, a good part of your appointment is taking up with providing the acupuncturist with essential information about your health – both past and present – in order for the acupuncturist to draw up an effective treatment plan for your symptoms.

This is where Gemma David’s express acupuncture works. Mums fill out an online medical questionnaire, so that when you arrive at KudaCan to have your treatment, Gemma has already read that information and prepared your treatment so you can have your treatment straight away!

Even more convenient is that you can bring your children along, there is an area in the same room as where you are treated for your baby or child to play in.

Here is a picture of the treatment area…

When I arrived for my express acupuncture appointment at KudaCan, I was warmly greeted by Gemma who is very friendly and positive and immediately put me at ease. After a chat, I was ready for my treatment and Gemma explained everything step by step.

I had needles in my head, forehead, legs and arms but they really didn’t hurt. Gemma gave me the choice of having some relaxing music while I lay there for half an hour but I opted to listen to my own thoughts. Gemma stayed in the room but I was behind the screen so I could fully relax in privacy while she was still on hand if I felt uncomfortable or needed anything.

It is rare that I ever have the chance to lie down and completely relax in the day which was nice. During the treatment, I did have a slight migraine; I am not sure if this was down to the treatment working its magic or just a poor night sleep.

Following my express acupuncture, I did feel better. I felt less fuggy and more wide awake and ‘with it’. I definitely felt like I had more energy and felt more positive. I came away with lots of other useful health advice from Gemma and some printed healthy recipes too.

Express acupuncture with Gemma costs £20. She is at KudaCan on Thursdays from 9.30am. However, Gemma will also soon be offering massage, cupping and facial acupuncture, too!

So Bishopston Mums, I advise you to try some express acupuncture with Gemma David. it will be worth it 🙂

You can contact Gemma through her website, by email: or by phoning her on 07525 357 816. Gemma also has a Gemma David Acupuncture Facebook page.

Disclosure: I was given a free session of express acupuncture in exchange for this review. However, my views are my own and I highly recommend Gemma David Acupuncture!

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