mmmBOPP: Music & Movement for Bishopston Toddlers

If your toddler likes music and movement, then mmmBOPP will be right up their street.

offers music & movement classes for children aged 15 months – 3 years at KudaCan on Thursdays at 10 – 10.45am. Classes are fun and interactive and use colourful and interesting props such as puppets, ribbons, bean bags, instruments, hats, scarves, bubbles and a parachute.

The award-winning sessions are run by a local mum called Becky who has seemingly limitless energy. Here is a picture of Becky in full mmmBOPP action!

Each session is different with a particular theme and planned structure. I took my little girl to a free taster session recently which had a transport theme, and all the songs, music and the activities were in line with this theme.
My little girl enjoyed her mmmBOPP taster and all its activities and props on offer…

But she especially loved the parachute!

At the end of each session children are awarded a sticker. Here is my daughter receiving hers…
My daughter really enjoyed her mmmBOPP taster session!If you are interested in mmmBOPP sessions at KudaCan for your toddler, contact Becky on 07810 895 609 or email Or, you can find out more from the mmmBOPP website.

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