Launchpad: Fun, Friendly & Educational Classes for Pre-schoolers in Bishopston


If you have a pre-schooler, you will know how important it is to find interesting and fun activities for them to enjoy. One great local activity aimed specifically at 2 – 4 year olds is Launchpad classes which are held at KudaCan at 10 – 10.45am every Friday in term-time. There are also Launchpad classes at The Southville Centre on Mondays at 2 – 2.45pm and on Fridays 1 – 1.45pm or 2 – 2.45pm in term-time.


Launchpad differs from many of the other regular activities for pre-schoolers in and around the Bishopston area. Classes have an educational focus, incorporating literacy, numeracy and science into fun activities.


Launchpad sessions are run by Emma Lunt and Adele Lippiatt who are both qualified primary school teachers and also experienced mums.

One regular visitor at Launchpad classes is local mum Catherine Gilbert, whose pre-schooler son attends Launchpad classes at KudaCan. Here, Catherine kindly shares her thoughts and experience of Launchpad with Bishopston Mum readers.


How long have you and your little boy been coming to Launchpad and is he enjoying it?

My 4-year-old son Jacob has just finished his first Launchpad term at KudaCan and loves it. We have done various classes in the past and Launchpad is by far the best both for learning but (most importantly) for fun.


What do you especially like about Launchpad classes?

The sessions are so engaging that Jacob needs no encouragement to get involved in all of the activities. Launchpad has really encouraged him to think about numbers and letters in a fun way and will certainly help him enormously when he starts school in September. I will definitely come back to Launchpad with my younger son.



What is your son’s favourite part of the Launchpad sessions?

Jacob loves doing the craft activity which is linked to the overall theme of the session. He really enjoyed learning about growing sunflower seeds by decorating and personalising his pot and writing his name on it. The classes on growing and developing where the Launchpadders were given some beans to plant has also kicked off a new hobby – gardening!


What do you think of the venue?

KudaCan is a good venue as we are separate from other people using the space for the class but can then use the play facilities downstairs afterwards. As Jacob and I attend Launchpad with Jacob’s little brother Zachary (who’s nearly 1) this is ideal as Zachary gets to play downstairs afterwards and Jacob gets a snack!



How do Emma and Adele help make the sessions so enjoyable?

Emma and Adele are great at quietly encouraging all the children to engage with the activities. They also obviously do a lot of preparation for the classes which makes the different activities run together very well. The 45 minutes go very, very fast.


If you would like to arrange a free Launchpad taster session or get further information about the classes, please email Emma Lunt: or call 07966 864 696.

You can also follow Launchpad on facebook.