mmm BOPP Music & Movement Classes: A Bishopston Mum Review


Today Bishopston Mum features a review by a local parent of mmm BOPP music and movement classes held at KudaCan in Bishopston.

There are three different mmm BOPP classes for different ages and stages: Tadpoles (0 – 18 months), Frogs (approx 15 months – 3 years) and Funky Frogs (3 – 5 years).


My 2.5 year old’s confidence and concentration has improved remarkably since attending Mmm BOPP Frogs group for 3 terms.

We both enjoy the songs, music and subtle learning provided by Becky. He sings along and even requests his favourite rhymes, such as Ms Polly’s Dolly, ‘Have you seen the motorway, Ready Steady, here comes Teddy’.

What I find most striking is that he is able to recall and sing the catchy tunes at home too, without prompting.

The mmm Bopp sessions are structured yet fun and carefree at the same time, with a wonderful Hello/welcome song and ball ‘game’ which attracts the child’s attention and concentration. Grown ups and children become enthralled with the sparkly ball! Each session has a theme such as Opposites, Animals, Transport and the weather.

The tempo picks up with actions for specific songs, playing with the parachute, swaying with colourful ribbons or flying off to the moon in a space rocket! We have a few regular friends who visit the session, such as Fraser Frog and the Jack in the box.


There is something for every child, making each session memorable and fun. I found attending regularly meant my son had the opportunity to make friends, improve his confidence and language.

The friendly group at Kudacan in Bishopston is local and sociable and we’ve seen families continue to attend with little ones and big brothers and sisters.

So a big thank you to Becky and mmm BOPP for making music, rhyme and movement fun and life-changing.

To find out more about mmmBOPP, please visit the mmm BOPP website.