New Music with Mummy Classes for Babies aged 0 – 15 weeks at The Quaker Meeting House

adorable-71031_960_720As a local parent you will know there are lots of activities for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in Bishopston and surrounding areas.

However, up until now there hasn’t been many activities specifically for new babies but this is soon set to change.

Nikki Reeves, who runs Jolly Babies and Music with Mummy classes in Bishopston and Horfield, will soon be running regular classes for babies aged 0 – 15 weeks at the Quaker Meeting House on Gloucester Road.

Classes start in the new year and there will be two weekly groups: Tuesdays at 12.15pm and Fridays at 11.45am.

The classes will give babies a gentle early introduction to music and will involve lots of singing and rocking, bouncing to rhythms with some baby-friendly props.

The most important part of the session will be the singing and helping babies become familiar with songs and surroundings as this will help them feel comfortable and develop their sense of security.

15109491_1008125375983857_5068823532999095593_nClasses will involve singing a combination of classic nursery rhymes and new songs too including lullabies, rocking songs and bouncing songs.

There will be songs exploring the different body parts through gentle tapping, stroking and tickling, plus movement songs to help develop the sense of rhythm in a song.

Sessions will help parents to have opportunities to create the early bond with their babies through the use of music.

They will also be an opportunity for parents to become more confident about singing to their baby and will build their repertoire for when they are singing at home.

Accessories such as puppets, scarves, silks, lights and other props will help bring songs to life!

Percussion instruments will be explored and played along to, all of which will contribute to developing an early love of music.

The classes will also be a great opportunity to meet other parents with young babies who live locally.

If you are interested in signing your baby up you can contact Nikki directly by phoning 07921 146 406 or emailing

To find out more about Jolly Babies or Music with Mummy sessions, please visit the Music With Mummy in Horfield and Bishopston Facebook Page.