Wassail at Horfield Organic Community Orchard: Saturday 14th January


This Saturday at Horfield Organic Community Orchard, there will be a Wassail: an old, English ceremonial tradition held once a year in deepest, darkest Winter.

A Wassail involves toasting and celebrating fruit trees, all done in the hope of encouraging an abundance of fruit at Harvest time later in the year.

The Wassail ceremony will begin by children and adults being encouraged to make lots of noise by clapping hands and banging sticks so as to ‘wake’ the trees from Winter’s spell.

Then, a fruit tree will be ‘toasted’ by throwing cups of cider around the tree.

Lastly, ribbons, clouties and shining materials are tied to the tree by all – please do bring some along!


Adding to the atmosphere will be the Pigsty Morris Dancers, merrily dancing with their wooden batons and white handkerchiefs in their costumes of green ribbons.

There will also be delicious homemade cakes and locally made apple juice for sale for you to enjoy.

The Wassail will take place from 2 – 4pm.  You can find Horfield Organic Community Orchard by taking the beautiful Gaston Lane which is between 134 – 136 Longmead Avenue until you reach the last gate on your left.

Or, you can find Gaston Lane besides 22 Kings Drive, turn left and take the first gate on the right.

A Wassail is an amazing event to take part in, one like no other.