Concerned Local Parents Organise Urgent Road Safety Open Meeting On Thursday 16th November

Concerned local parents of children at Brunel Field Primary school have organised a Road Safety Open Meeting on Thursday 16th November.

The meeting is being held due specific road safety issues regarding the walk to school, especially on Ashley Down Road and Arthur Milton Street. Particular worries include the very fast traffic on Ashley Down Road and the very narrow pavements which have no protection between pavement and road. Additionally there is very limited school signage or traffic calming.

One of the organisers of the meeting is Roxanne Moore who has two children at the school, a daughter in Year 3 and a son in Reception. She explains:

“I have always hated our walk to school – we live on Muller Avenue so we live very near. Whilst walking to school a few months ago my children knocked into each other accidentally and my son fell into Ashley Down Road in front of a car, it was only chance of how he fell and that specific car wasn’t speeding that he was okay.

“We were very fortunate but honestly feel that it easily could have been very different and that action needs to be taken. A week later a car reversed into my son whilst walking on the pavement (with dropped curbs) on Arthur Milton Street. He started saying he was scared to walk to school and now hides from cars.

“All of this feels so wrong when we are encouraging our children to walk to school, yet not giving them safe provision to do so.”

Unfortunately, other children and parents have experienced many other similar incidents while walking to and from school and as this is the first year Brunel Field Primary is full, parents are concerned that the situation will only get worse.

Former Green Councillor, Daniella Radice is also a parent at the school and due to her experience and knowledge of such issues, it was decided that a meeting should be organised to give other parents and local residents the chance to share their views and hopefully find a safer solution for children’s journey to school.

All of the local community are welcome to the road safety meeting, whether parents of children at Brunel Field, Ashley Down Primary or Sefton Park schools or simply concerned about road safety issues in the area.

The meeting is being held at Brunel Field Primary School on Thursday 16th November at 7pm. If you have any questions please email