The Christmas Eve Jingle 2020: let’s fill the night sky of Bishopston & beyond with the sound of bells!

A wonderful free festive event is being organised for children across the UK on the evening of Christmas Eve 2020.

At 6pm, children and adults are invited to stand on their doorsteps and ring a bell for 2 minutes to spread the Christmas spirit and help Santa fly his sleigh!

The aim of the event is to bring some magic to the night and create magical memories for children, and also end 2020 with something lighthearted and fun.

A nation-wide Christmas Eve Jingle Facebook group has been set up to spread the word about this event and the idea has been met with much enthusiasm.

If you would like to take part but don’t have bells in the house, these can be bought from pound shops, or tambourines or anything jingly will also be great!  But don’t worry if you don’t have these, the sound of jingling bells should ring out loud and clear if enough people take part in Bristol!

I think it would be great for Bishopston, Horfield, St Andrews and Ashley Down to take part – do spread the word and let’s fill the night sky with the sound of bells on Christmas Eve!