Sing and Sign

If you have a baby aged 2 months+ and would like to learn some baby signing, Sing and Sign – Bristol will be of great help!

Baby signing encourages good communication by teaching your baby simple and easy signs such as ‘more’, milk’, ‘tired’, ‘mummy’ or ‘change nappy’, to name but a few.  Learning such signs helps babies to recognise such important words quicker and enable them to communicate with you before they are able to talk. Baby signing is easy to learn and fun!

You learn over 100 signs to help you connect and communicate with your baby.  You will be overjoyed when your baby tells you something through signing – whether it is naming a favourite animal or asking for ‘milk’ and a bite to ‘eat’!

Sign and Sign @Home Classes:
During the coronavirus pandemic, for the Summer term only, Sing and Sign – Bristol are excited to offer classes as an online-only course called ‘Sing and Sign @Home’, where the entire term of classes can be enjoyed in your own home.  A second round of @Home classes will begin on 27th April.

Filmed by Sing and Sign teachers across the country, Sing and Sign @Home will bring the magic of Sing and Sign courses – Stage One and Stage Two – in 10 weekly, themed online sessions.  The online class will feel very much like an actual class following the usual format with all the familiar songs, felt board, instruments and of course Jessie Cat playing peek-a-boo!

You can enjoy them at any time – indeed, many times with unlimited access – throughout the week.  Older siblings and other adults can join in too!!  Many families are making Sing and Sign @Home part of their daily routine which is wonderful to hear.

If you are not a fan of screens for little ones, you can watch the class without your baby first (maybe with a glass of something cold or a cup of something hot), send the audio through a speaker and sing along with your baby!  Again, it is not essential for your baby to watch but I am sure they will enjoy hearing the music and your signing will grow stronger.

Sing and Sign @Home is online only.  Cost is £40 – just £4 per week with unlimited access to each lesson within that week.  You can book @Home HERE.  Choose the correct stage for your baby’s age (Stage One for beginners or Stage Two for toddler repeaters) from the options listed and then click the Monday class in the venue ‘your home’!  Don’t worry – you can watch any day, every day before the next Sunday.

Sing and Sign – Bristol Classes:
Sing and Sign gives you a chance to meet other parents from your area with babies of a similar age.  Your baby will love listening to the singing, playing the instruments and interacting with the other children – and the teacher!

There are Sing and Sign – Bristol classes at venues held all over Bristol for different ages and stages: ‘Babes’ classes are for babies aged 2 – 6 months, ‘Stage 1’ classes are for babies ages 6 – 14 months and ‘Stage 2’ classes are for toddlers aged 14 months+.

Stage One (babies) classes are usually held at 10.45/11 (and 11.45/12noon if there is demand).Stage Two (toddlers) classes are usually held at  9.45/10am.

Your baby or toddler can start Sing and Sign classes at any age: they don’t need to have done the Babes classes before starting Stage 1, not the Stage 1 classes before beginning Stage 2.

Stage One and Two last 35-45 minutes.  Staged classes meet for 10 sessions each term.  Sing and Sign is a fun class with an emphasis on learning, not a drop in class.  In those 10 sessions, you can learn well over 100 signs.  The fee for Stage One or Two is £75.

Sing and Sign Babes, only for the very young 0-6months, meets after Stage One.  Babes runs only in selected venues across Bristol (though we are hoping to offer Babes classes everywhere just as soon as we can).  Babes lasts 30-35 minutes for 5 weeks and fee is £25.

Autumn ’20 Provisional dates for classes  begin week commencing 14th September to beginning of December.

Sing and Sign – Bristol class venues:

  • Monday: Bradley Stoke, Portishead, Horfield
  • Tuesday: Fishponds, Emersons Green (S1), Bedminster
  • Wednesday: Westbury on Trym
  • Thursday: Bedminster, Horfield, Redfield (S1), Thornbury
  • Friday: Downend, Bedminster, Brislington

To book a class or find out more please visit
Or, you can contact Katherine Amor by phone 0759 4460 448 or email

You can also find out more via the Sing and Sign – Bristol facebook page.