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Home-School Tutoring Bristol: Who we are and what can we offer?
Home-School Tutoring Bristol is a local tuition organisation, run and owned by myself, Cora Griffiths – an experienced and fully qualified teacher and parent to two children. I am passionate about education and very aware of the different ways we all absorb learning and the importance of teaching to inspire and build self-confidence.

I have a team of fully qualified teachers and tutors, including specialists in teaching the primary age range and others who specialise in teaching at secondary level and beyond in a wide range of national curriculum subjects. By working outside the constraints of a formal classroom my tutors and I are able to identify and teach to each individual’s ‘hook’. By finding what inspires our students, we are able to break down barriers to learning and facilitate progress.  We are able to provide tutoring in all areas of Bristol and surrounding regions.

At Home-School Tutoring Bristol we are able to support children and young people who are either attending school or home-educated, as well as adults wishing to continue their learning journey. We can come to students’ homes, provide lessons via live online video platforms as well as providing tuition within schools, colleges, charities and other organisations.

I know all of my clients and tutors well; I take a very hands-on approach and am able to provide a bespoke service, ensuring supportive and effective tuition for all.

What do our clients say?

Cora’s approach as a tutor was a joy to watch. She created a balance of activities and changed her approach to suit the speed of progress. The techniques Cora taught to decode words for reading and maths have continued to be of benefit during this academic year and we are booking more sessions for this summer holiday.  We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Cora. She has a very professional, kind and fun approach and has a great understanding of education and how children learn.

My son has benefited enormously from the one to one tuition, which is uniquely tailored to him and for which he could not begin to receive in the normal school environment. He has seen improved exam results in his mocks, and feels much more confident and  prepared for his upcoming GCSEs this summer. I can’t recommend one to one tutoring enough – it has boosted my son’s confidence in English so much.

Alice is great – very knowledgeable, patient and friendly.  Having the opportunity to talk to Alice about the things our daughters don’t understand has really made a difference and as a result, their confidence is increasing all the time.  I never thought it possible but the girls actually look forward to an hour of maths with Alice on a Friday evening!

If you think we can help, please do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Cora Griffiths

Home-School Tutoring Bristol

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E: bristol@homeschooltutoring.co.uk

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