Stop the ‘Worry Cycle’, preventing anxiety in children: Friday 9th February

We all experience anxiety from time to time and it is perfectly normal.

While some anxiety and worry is appropriate and typical, at times it can become overwhelming, and can affect the daily routines and relationships.

We know that the environment that our child lives in will have a huge impact on the way they manage emotions, Anxiety UK report that 59% of the population suffer from Generalised Anxiety. We know that 50% of mental health issues start before the age of 14.

Stop the ‘Worry Cycle, preventing anxiety in children is a workshop for parents and carers run by Catherine Coulter, founder of Bristol Child Parent Support.

Catherine has thirty years experience as a clinician in the NHS and 18 years working with complex behavioural difficulties in CAMHS. She is also a mum and like you, has experienced all the highs and lows of being a parent from baby to adulthood.

This workshop will help parents to:

  • Understand anxiety and depression
  • How to use some simple cognitive behavioral strategies to prevent escalation of big feelings and avoidance
  • Go away with mindfulness and relaxation tips
  • Go home with strategies so you can respond to your child with compassion

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