Introducing Bishopston Mum


Welcome to Bishopston Mum!  I am a full-time mum to two children, a son (3) and a daughter (1).  I was born and raised in this part of Bristol.

This is a website and blog with a difference, in that there are various sites about parenting.  However, there are none specifically about living and raising babies and children in Bishopston, Bristol and its surrounding areas (Horfield, Ashley Down, St Andrews, etc).  Until now, that is…

‘Bishopston Mum’ will be useful to mums, dads, grandparents and care-givers to children in Bishopston, Horfield, St Andrews and Ashley Down.  I will be writing about the places I visit with my children and about the activities we enjoy and will review these from a “mum’s perspective”.

I would like Bishopston Mum to be interactive, therefore comments on what I write about as well as ideas and suggestions of what else to write about and new places to visit will be most welcome! 

I hope you enjoy Bishopston Mum.
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2 responses to “Introducing Bishopston Mum

  1. Welcome to blogland and good luck with the blog – let us know at Britmums if you need any advice @BritMums or @ActuallyMummy 🙂

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