An Autumn’s Stroll on Horfield Common

At the beginning of last week, myself and my children took a little ramble on Horfield Common.  Autumn has been holding on with all its might this year, seemingly fighting to the bitter end in giving in to the start of Winter.  The reds, golds and coppers of the leaves still on the trees reflected this.

There are some fine old trees on the Common and we were lucky enough to see not one, but two squirrels close by, much to my little boy’s delight.  One had a bunch of juicy red berries in his mouth the whole time he scurried up and down the tree.

After spending some time watching the squirrels, we went to the play park area and my kids played on the swings and slide.  After a time, we left the play area and I let my son ‘loose’ so that he could run freely in the damp, green grass and explore.  There are not many places he can do this safely, but he can do this here.

Invariably, he goes to the same spot, an area near the tennis courts where a knarled, old tree stump lies and a series of towering trees stand.  He likes to clamber over the tree stump and hide behind the trees.

I took about ten photos of him, frustratingly not catching his face full-on in any of them due to the delay on my camera.  Then an old gentleman came over to us and kindly offered to take a picture of us both together which was appreciated.

The people walking in Horfield Common often seem to me a bit friendlier than those walking in St Andrews Park.  The people walking their dogs will mostly greet us and smile.  Maybe it is because the Common is slightly smaller than St Andrews Park so it has a more personal feel?

Anyhow, it was an enjoyable walk for myself and my children.  Writing this post reminds me of how lucky we are to have another such fine open space nearby.

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3 responses to “An Autumn’s Stroll on Horfield Common

  1. We used to live around the corner from Horfield Common. I was one of the dog walkers. When I was studying at home it was a lovely place to take a break and everyone was incredibly friendly. Happy memories

  2. Glad this post brought back happy memories rightfromthestart! We are really lucky to live so close to the common, it's fantastic for the kids.

  3. Lovely photos, Hilary! And what a nice place to live close to. I used to walk around the local cemetary (sounds odd but you know how beautiful that place was!) with the chidren when they were small and they used to love hiding behind the trees and chasing the birds. I stopped going there after I got locked in one dark November afternoon and had to ring the Police to get me, 2 year old Gabriel and baby Clara out! xx

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