A Nativity Costume Fit For a King

It is Little Fishes Toddler Group’s Nativity tomorrow.  The lovely ladies who run Little Fishes, held at Horfield Methodist Church, have requested that the toddlers come dressed accordingly.  I decided that my little boy could go as one of the three kings and excitedly began to plan his outfit.
I wanted to make a bit of an effort as this will be my son’s first nativity.  I decided to make a gown out of crepe paper, in the colours red, purple and green.  The crown I would make of gold card, decked with ‘jewels’.
On Tuesday night I began my creation and got out a stash of crepe paper.  I cut a large strip of royal red for the gown itself and two narrow strips of vibrant purple and green which would help keep the gown on.  I folded the purple and green strips into a concertina and made this into a loop to put over his head and attached it to the gown.
Hey presto!
On Wednesday I braved the relentless rain and nipped down to Gloucester road and into ‘Craft Works’ to get the materials for the crown.  I bought some stiff, gold card and sticky jewels which I hoped would do my son’s costume justice.
This morning my little boy helped me make the crown.   He had fun sticking on the jewels!
I’m sure he will look the part at the Nativity tomorrow!

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