Children’s Birthday Party Soft Play Venues – Part 2

A major event is approaching in our household!  My little boy turns three years old at the end of this month.  As I explained previously, I have been researching various soft play birthday party venues available to hire in Bristol.  Children’s Birthday Party Soft Play Venues – Part 1 gave details of some venues in the immediate locality.   Below,  Part 2 gives details about venues further away which I think are still worth considering. 
We have finally decided on Rimando’s for my son’s birthday party venue.  All is arranged and paid for.  All I need to do now is sort out party bags and make him a birthday cake.  He has informed me he wants a ‘robot’ birthday cake!

Anyway, hope the following details are helpful to some of you.  Please do pass on the link to this blog to any friends that you think may find it useful, also.  Also, please feel free to comment below if you have had any been to any parties at the following venues; I would be interested to know what you think:-)

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre   
I have included this venue as one local mum strongly recommended it to me.  The ‘Labyrinth Adventure’ consists of two floors of soft play, including a castle, slide, glider, rope bridges and nets.  For very young children, there is a specific toddler area with a ball pool, big bricks, bendy mirrors and rockers.
Saturdays and Sundays: Available for hire in 45 minute slots between 11.00-14.00 and 15.00-19.00 for £42.
Monday to Friday: Available for hire between 12.00-19.00 for £42.

There is a limit of 30 children per party.  If the parents wish to hire a room for food following soft play, this is a further £38.  (There would be a 15 minute changeover period following soft play before using the room.  Food can be provided for £3.80 per head.  There is a choice of hot or cold food.  Hot food choices include chicken/veggie nuggets, pork/veggie sausages, beef burgers and fish fingers.  Cold food choices include a range of sandwiches, raisins, fruit and crisps.
This venue is on Concorde Road, Cribbs Causeway.
You can hire the soft play area for one hour and then have a private party in a private room for another hour.  After this children can go back out to the soft play area for an unlimited time.
One strong advantage of having a child’s party here is that most of the details of the party can be organised for you, if wished.  For example, hats, balloons, invitations, birthday cake can all be provided.  Party bags can be prepared for you for £2 per child, if you wish.  Party activities are all taken care of by a party host who is with you the entire time, in case you have any additional requests or need any assistance.
Food is provided, such as sandwiches, doughnuts, fruit, ice cream, cocktail sausages, etc and there is always enough for parents to tuck in, too!
If you haven’t already been to this venue, it is HUGE!  We have been to two birthday parties held here of a close friend’s daughter who has hired Jump for two years running.  The kids absolutely love this venue and as I mentioned above, there is no time limit to the party; they can play for as long as they want.  Other advantages include no cost for the birthday child and he/she being given a month’s free soft play pass.
One disadvantage of hiring this venue is that the person hiring must pay for a minimum of eight children and at a cost of between £10 – £13 per child this can be pricey.  It is probably not the venue for you if you don’t wish to pay more than £100.
Another disadvantage is that there is limited space in the car park.
This venue is VERY noisy and the actual soft play area is not available for private hire so there are many other children and adults there.  It is especially busy at weekends and in school holidays.  Also, it’s size can also be a drawback as it is so large that you can lose sight of your child which can be frightening.
However, security is super-tight and no children are let out of the venue without their half of the ticket which matches their parent/carer’s ticket which has the same number on it.  Therefore there is no possibility of your child being able to leave the venue with anybody else.
Filton Sports and Leisure Centre
Saturdays: ‘Bouncy Castle Parties’ are available for 2-hour slots of 10.00-12.00; 12.30-15.00; and 15.00-17.00 for £62.50.  There is a limit of 18 children.  A lifeguard is provided to supervise the bouncy castle.
(2-hour slots are broken up into 1 and 1/2 hour for the bouncy castle and 30 minutes for food).
Saturdays and Sundays: The Filton Fun Hanger is also available to hire for parties between 13.00-18.00 for 55 minutes for £50.40 (limit of 25 children) and another room can also be hired for an extra 1 hour for £7.20.
The bouncy castle can be provided along with the Fun Hanger for an extra £50.40.
This venue does not provide food and must instead be provided by parents.
One local mum recently hired this venue for her child’s birthday party who felt that it was ‘really good value for money’.  She also explained that she would have no hesitation to hire the venue again.
Noah’s Ark Soft Play
This venue is located on Bath Road.  For a 2-hour party, it is £8.45 per head, which includes a selection of sandwiches, chips, ice cream, unlimited squash AND a party bag for each child.  The birthday child is given a birthday balloon.
It was described as a local mum as ‘really lovely soft play’ and ‘really lovely and clean’.
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3 responses to “Children’s Birthday Party Soft Play Venues – Part 2

  1. We went to a 2nd birthday party at Bradley Stoke leisure centre which was fab, apart from the fact the adult chairs supplied for the sit down party food weren't appropriate for 2 year olds and they struggled to reach the table! That was the only thing my friend was disappointed with.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Karen:-) No, grown-up chairs for toddlers can't be ideal! But seems like apart from that it was another good venue for a children's party.

  3. Hi – we used Little Rockers ( Good alternative if you want to bring the soft play to your own home or local hall etc. Really personal service and very good value.
    enjoy your party x

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