A 3rd Birthday Party and the Presentation of a Robot Birthday Cake

The morning of Saturday 11th February dawned bright and clear.  Invites had been sent, venue booked, party bags prepared and cake made.  A certain little boy awoke excited and full of beans. Today was the day of my little boy’s third birthday party!

We had decided to hold his party at Rimando’s Soft Play Coffee Lounge this year.  We hired the entire venue so we had exclusive use of the soft play area, disco room, and seating area, too.  The place looked exciting with balloons and decorations.

My son had some lovely presents from his little friends.  He was excited and loved climbing around the soft play area with them.  Some of the children enjoyed the music in the disco area.  There was plenty of seating and space for the adults, too.  Rimando’s now have a licence to serve alcohol so I was able to have a glass of wine:-)

The children enjoyed their birthday tea.  I had to laugh as I noticed my son’s little cousin’s plate.  He had put all the sausages from the sausage platter on it!  Another little friend had a mountain of raisins on hers!

If you read my previous post, you will know that my son had requested, not just a ‘robot’ birthday cake, but a robot cake ‘with actions’.  This meant lasers and fire coming from the robot’s hands.  I had worried during the making of the cake that it resembled more of a teddy bear than a robot.

However, I decided that as long as my son recognised the cake to be a robot, then I would consider the cake a success!

When it was time for me to bring the birthday cake out, the lights were dimmed and all started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.  My little boy’s delighted face was a picture.

When he had blown his candles out, I quietly asked him what type of cake it was.  He replied that it was ‘a robot one’.  Hooray!  I knew the cake had been a success!

My son had an amazing day.  I have to say Rimando’s is an absolutely fabulous venue for a child’s birthday party.  He is a lucky and much loved little boy:-)

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