An Afternoon at Portico Play

Last week, prior to Friday’s hospital appointment, we spent a lovely afternoon at Portico Play on North Road, St Andrews.  We met up with a close friend of mine and her little girl.  

It had been quite a while since I last visited Portico. It was easier than last time as my daughter can now move around and play independently.  I enjoyed seeing her explore Portico.

She really liked the rockers.  This is a photo of her practising her standing skills…

My little boy has always enjoyed the play houses and dens at Portico.  The photo below was captured after about ten attempts as he kept hiding!

The children’s kitchen has always been a favourite of his…


Somewhere like Portico is quite good in that I can chart the difference from previous visits, not only in their physical capabilities, but also in the type of toys and activities they gravitate towards. 

Today my son took quite an interest in the costumes and fancy dress which he hasn’t before.  I was pleased as I think dressing-up is really good for developing children’s imagination. 

Here is a photo of him exploring the contents of the dressing-up box…

It was an enjoyable afternoon, though I have to say it was expensive: £6 entry for both my children.  What with snacks for the kids and hot chocolate and chocolate muffin for myself (these I am unable to resist), it all adds up!

Nevertheless, I really felt both children gained from our afternoon at Portico and they went home happy:-)

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