Preparing for My Little Girl’s Operation

If you are a regular reader of ‘Bishopston Mum’, you will know that my 15-month-old daughter was recently diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Her left hip is dislocated which has resulted in a noticeable difference in her leg length. This must be treated to prevent her developing early hip arthritis, severe pain, not to mention limited mobility when she is older. 

Treatment involves her hip being put back in socket and wearing a spica cast from her chest to her ankles for four months.

We had a letter from Bristol Children’s Hospital last week informing us that her operation date is to be this Thursday.  It is really good that the operation is happening so soon.  However, I am, understandably, worried.

I am mainly worried about the anaesthetic and that something could go badly wrong.  Yes, I know the risks of anaesthetic are minimal.  Yes, I know that Mr Gargan, her consultant and who will be carrying out the surgery, is highly reputed.

But she is my child and I love her beyond words so I can’t help worrying!

I have been busy this past week.  I have been painting our house, cleaning and organising.  I have been making practical preparations for when my daughter comes home in her spica cast, such as buying clothes she will be able to wear and equipment we will need in the house.  I have also been making arrangements for my son to keep his routine as normal as possible.

I went shopping yesterday to buy clothes that my daughter will be able to wear with the spica cast.  She won’t be able to wear trousers or tights as her legs will be spayed in the plaster cast, so I settled for some T-shirt dresses, elasticated at the waist and flared.  I hope these will be okay. 

Under advice from my mum, who went through this with my sister when she was young, I also bought some warm socks.  Choosing these clothes made me feel sad and brought home to me the reality of what it will be like for my little girl to be in a spica cast.

I keep thinking of her practising her standing as she likes to do.  She takes such pride in this, standing tremulously for a few seconds at a time.  She stands there, arms outstretched to balance, proud and beaming at us before she topples.  She loves it when we all burst into applause.

I will be alright.  Making the above practical preparations is helping me prepare psychologically for the operation.  I think (hope) Thursday will be one of those occasions when something you have been absolutely dreading and worrying about finally happens and you find that you just get on and deal with it just fine:-)

Please read my next post ‘Operation Day’.

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4 responses to “Preparing for My Little Girl’s Operation

  1. Hi Hilary, just to say I hope everything goes well tomorrow, we will be thinking of you all. I'm sure everything will go well and this time tomorrow you will be very relieved that the worst part is over. Hope to see you out and about soon and if there is anything we can do don't hesitate. Julie & Izzy XX

  2. Hi Julie, thank you for your message and your offer of help 🙂 It is appreciated. Her op is on Thursday and I just want to get it over and done with now. Would be great to catch up with you and Isabella very soon, once she is home I want to get her out and about as much as possible as I think she will be very frustrated being in the cast. Thanks again, xx

  3. Oh it's so worrying, having children, even when they don't have to go through something like this. Wishign you & your daughter all the best.

  4. Hi, I'm sorry, I have only just seen your message. Thank you for your best wishes! My daughter is now doing really well, walking and running, even! X

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