First Ever Cinema Experience at The Orpheus in Henleaze

Do you remember going to see your first ever film at the cinema?  The first film I ever saw was ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’, when I was little, at The Orpheus Cinema in Henleaze.

So, it seemed only fitting and extra special that the first time I took my little boy to the cinema, it should be The Orpheus.  I have wanted to take him to the cinema for a while.  He has been unsettled since my daughter had her operation and we have not had much time quality time together of late.  He loves anything to do with pirates, so when an advert for ‘The Pirates: In an Adventure with Scientists’ came on the TV recently, imagine his delight when I asked him if he would like to go to the cinema to see the film!

I can’t tell you how excited he was!  All week in the lead-up to going to see the film, he was talking about how he was ‘going to the cinema to see the pirates’.  I had explained to him what the cinema was, how it was a big room with lots of seats and a big TV screen and that other children would be there, too.
This is a picture of my son when we first arrived at The Orpheus…

I was just as excited as him!

If you haven’t yet been to The Orpheus in Henleaze, it is a little, quaint and quirky cinema on Henleaze Road, next to Waitrose.  The films showing are advertised by traditional, old-fashioned, tile letters.  It doesn’t look anything special from the outside.

When the day finally arrived, we went up the long flight of steps, lit by little lights, which lead up into the small foyer.  We paid for our tickets, bought some essential chocolate and I asked the usher on the door if there was somewhere I could put the pushchair to save me bringing it into the cinema.  He kindly took it from me and put it somewhere safe and we stepped into the auditorium for my son’s first ever cinema experience. 
From what I remember, the Orpheus does not seem to have changed, and its charm has certainly not diminished.  The small room, creaky seats and sticky floors give it a cosy, quirky feel unlike the impersonal feel you get from its big screen competitors
Despite being nearly full with children and their parents, we were able to find some good seats.  You could feel the excitement in the room and it was full with chatter and laughter.  Unfortunately, my son got a little scared and told me he wanted to go home and kept trying to give me my bag so we could leave.  Luckily, I managed to calm him by sitting him on my lap and reassure him while feeding him chocolate; always a successful method.  By the time the trailers started, he was happily ensconced in his seat and from that moment on until when the film finished, he remained there, enchanted.
Some people may criticise The Orpheus Cinema’s small auditoriums and screens but I think its cosy, personal feel makes it an ideal cinema to take small children to, especially to see their first film.  There is free parking in the Waitrose car park which is handy, too.
Taking my son to see his first film at the cinema is something I will remember always.  I’m glad it was The Orpheus I took him to for his first cinema experience:-) 
What was your first film you went to see at the cinema?  Have you taken your child to see his/her first film?  I would love to hear from you!  Please comment below 🙂

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10 responses to “First Ever Cinema Experience at The Orpheus in Henleaze

  1. I haven't taken the twins yet, but I remember seeing ET at the cinema when I was about 5, I think it was probably my first cinema trip. I remember cying a lot!

  2. I also went with you to see Snow White – must have been very young! The first non-cartoon film I saw at the cinema was Back to the Future (also at the Orpheus) – I remember being so bored (I think it had been your film choice!)

  3. How lovely. I'm sure he'll remember it fondly, too. I don't remember what my first film was (although I vaguely remember my Mom told me it was a Sesame Street film), but what I DO remember is going to the drive-in, cosying up in our car, and watching the film outside. It was always such an experience. Although a lot of them have closed, this one still exists. I'm dying to take my family there when we visit (and our daughter is old enough).

  4. Yup I remember watching Back to the Future and I do remember it went on a bit too long. I also remember Mum taking me to see Bambi and the bit when his mum dies made me really upset. I won't be taking him to see that one! X

  5. Thanks for your comment:-) Going to see a film at a Drive-In sounds a fantastic experience, not surprising you remember the experience well. Unfortunately we don't have those here, wish we could!

  6. My first non-cartoon film I saw in a cinema was “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes”. It seemed so realistic to me then, it was exciting! I think most of us remeber our first “serious” movie in a cinema – it is always an event! 🙂

  7. My first film was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and I loved it, and have been a keen movie watcher every since. I haven't been to the Orpheus but when I lived in Scarborough I went to a cinema that still had an interval complete with ladies with ice-cream, lovely.

  8. Thank you for commenting, Beatrice! I definitely agree, my son has been talking about seeing 'pirates at the cinema' ever since 🙂

  9. I remember seeing 'Who framed Roger Rabbit' at the cinema! And yes, I also remember the intervals at the cinema halfway through a film when you could buy an ice cream, was expecting that last week, shame they don't still do it x

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