Encouraging a Love of Reading at Henleaze Library

Do you ever take your child to the library?

Today I took my children to Henleaze Library for the first time in over a year. I love books; our house is full of them and we read to the kids every day. I believe encouraging children to look at and read books at an early age is really important.

However, living in this area, we lack a library very close by, so we have not been in a long while. There is Cheltenham Road Library, but it is a bit too far from where we live to be a convenient walk. Although it is a twenty minute walk from where we are, I have always taken my children to Henleaze Library.

I like Henleaze Library’s space, open layout and modern feel. Plus, the children’s selection of books is vast. I like the little sofas and big, squishy cushions for children to sit on to read books in comfort. Plus I have many happy memories of rainy Saturday mornings spent there when I was a child 🙂

To be honest, when I have taken my son to the Library before, he preferred to run around and explore. Today was no exception, however, he was more interested in books this time. I tried to help him pick big, colourful story books but he was not interested.

He instead ran over to some factual books for older children and picked out a book on warfare. I diplomatically put the book on warfare back and instead found a book on robots which he enjoyed.

My daughter loves books and enjoyed going to the library. Here she is looking at a book on animals that she enjoyed…

My son liked the giant, cardboard cut-out of the transformer robot in the library…

I finally found him a story book about a prince which he said he would like me to read to him.

I had a quick look through the adult fiction section. I thought how lovely it would be to visit the library on my own one day and get lost in a sea of books for an hour or so. I look forward to when the library on Gloucester Road finally gets built. I think it will be a fantastic for children and adults in the area 🙂

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3 responses to “Encouraging a Love of Reading at Henleaze Library

  1. I take Dylan to Cheltenham Rd library every few weeks and on Monday mornings they do story time from 11 which had an animal theme this week. I really believe it's important to support our libraries.

  2. Hi Kate, thank you for commenting. I agree with you about supporting our local libraries. Story Time at Cheltenham Road library sounds really good, what ages is it aimed at?

  3. Lovely post, it made me very nostalgic for all the hours spent in libraries in Bristol when my two were tiny. I must have been to every single library in the city! I love Henleaze and College Green, both have wonderful childrens sections. Nowadays we go to our library once every couple of weeks and I'm proud to say both children positively obsess about books, they have several in their beds every night! Think your blog looks fabulous xxx

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