‘Active Tots’ at Bubalu: Free Soft Play!

‘Active Tots’ at Bubalu is a new Sunday activity for my children!  Thanks to a friend in-the-know, I have discovered that every Sunday at Bubalu on Gloucester Road, Bishopston, ‘Active Tots’ is held, a FREE soft play session for young children. It runs between 10.00 – 11.00. It is free on the condition that you buy refreshments for yourself and your child. Fair enough, I say:-)

I did try to persuade my little boy onto the bouncy castle so I could take a more interesting photo, but he didn’t like it at all!
He did like the hoola hoops, however…
My lovely girl was able to play with the balls on the crash mats quite happily despite her Spica cast…
Active Tots also has a mini trampoline, space hopper and a rocker, etc. 
Update Sunday 24th June: Unfortunately Active Tots has now been stopped due to lack of demand.
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