A Day to Remember at Yeo Valley

Another exciting experience has arisen from writing Bishopston Mum!   I was recently delighted to receive an invitation to spend the day at Yeo Valley, the family dairy farm that produces 100% organic, or ‘Yeoganic’ products 🙂   
I am a fan of Yeo Valley foods.  Here is my daughter eating Blackcurrant and Elderflower flavoured ‘Yeogurt’…
So when I received the invitation to Yeo Valley, I accepted with delight!  And last Friday, I had the pleasure of spending the day at Yeo Valley, along with a handful of other bloggers from the South West.  Our day started in the Yeo Valley tea rooms with a cup of tea and some home-made biscuits which were absolutely delicious!
Outside the Yeo Valley tea rooms
We were then taken on a guided tour of the valleys by Les, one of the lovely Yeo Valley team.  Yeo Valley like to share what they know through their ‘Yeoniversity’ and not only did the walk provide breathtaking views but the in-depth history that Les gave of the area was fascinating.

Then we were treated to a spot of ‘Yeogurt’ tasting!
Yeo Valley produce 100% organic Yeogurt in a wide range of flavours and a children’s range, also.  I sampled the full spectrum of flavours including the classic Natural, Rhubarb, Blueberry and even Lemon curd!  (Have you ever tasted the lemon Curd flavour?  If you haven’t then I strongly recommend you do!).  Before my day at Yeo Valley, my favourite flavour Yeogurt was Greek Style with Honey but following Yeogurt tasting I have to say it is now a close call between this and Greek Style with Lemon and Ginger!
We were then taken back to the Yeo Valley tea rooms for a fantastic cookery demonstration by the Yeo Valley chef, Jaime.  He showed us how to make Tea Smoked Trout, Sourdough for bread and Strawberry and Rhubarb Cheesecake, from three delicious recipes using Yeo Valley products.
I will be trying out the Yeo Valley Cheesecake with my children soon, so watch this space!  
My lunch at Yeo Valley was heavenly and we were again, thoroughly spoiled.  We were treated to the dishes which Jamie had shown us how to make.  As with everything Yeo Valley produces, lunch was homemade and fully organic, using freshly picked vegetables.
Following lunch, we were able to roam the beautiful Yeo Valley Organic Garden, which is open to the public.  James, the Head Gardener, guided us, showing us the huge variety of plants and flowers growing in the garden’s 6.5 acres.  Isn’t the garden beautiful?
James explained how even the Yeo Valley Organic Garden’s potting mixture is home made and showed us how to make our own!  

Then it was time to pop into the milking parlour to watch the cows being milked…

Our trip to Yeo Valley ended in the Tea Rooms, with tea and scones (home made, of course).

Normally, Friday would be spent taking my children to pre-school and playgroup.  Not that I don’t enjoy doing this but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to spend a day at Yeo Valley.  It was a day which I will not forget 🙂 

(This was not a sponsored post).

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