The Creation Station is Coming to Town!

I have often thought that north-west Bristol lacks art and craft activities for young children.  So, I was delighted to learn that later this year, this will change when the Creation Station comes to town!
The Creation Station’s ‘Little Explorers’ classes will offer 1 – 4 year olds fifty-minute art and craft classes which are both fun and educational.  Laura Meachin, who will be running the classes, was at Little Fishes Toddler Group recently.  She was giving a taster session so parents and children could discover what Little Explorer classes are all about.
My little girl LOVES arty crafty activities!  Her older brother isn’t really interested in that kind of thing, so it makes a nice change for me.  Here she is enjoying the Creation Station’s taster session…
There were three tables laid out with different art and craft materials.  There were materials such as stencils, bubble wrap, sticks of willow, wax crayons, paints, water and stencils.
Because the theme of Little Fishes that day was Noah’s Ark, all materials were relevant to this theme.  Therefore, the sticks of willow were for the ark, the stencils were of animals and so on, in line with the story.  Laura explained that all her sessions are structured and planned out in this way, with a particular theme. 
My daughter loved the Creation Station’s taster session and was fully absorbed during making her little creations.  Laura is warm, approachable and full of energy; perfect qualities for running such activities with young children!
From September, the Creation Station will be based at Portico Play on North Road, St Andrew’s.  The Creation Station will also be based at Portico for one week during the Summer holidays.  Days and times are still being decided as I write.  However, I will let you know as soon as details are confirmed and post them on my Bishopston Mum Events Calendar!

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2 responses to “The Creation Station is Coming to Town!

  1. Yes there is a definite difference between my two. My son can't sit still for long enough plus is just not interested. But, like your boy, he does love cooking!

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