My Daughter’s Amazing Progress and a New Pair of Shoes from Oddsox

It is now a month since my daughter had her spica cast removed.  Throughout the 14 weeks that she was in her cast, her legs were in the same frog-type position to keep her hip in socket.  She was completely unable to move her legs and would get around by dragging herself around on her front by her arms.
I had obviously not needed to buy her shoes while she was in her spica cast.  But her progress since having her spica cast removed has been immense.  Within two weeks she had started to pull herself up into a standing position using the aid of furniture.  But at playgroups, when she would do this, she was sliding everywhere in her socks.  It was clear that a pair of shoes were in order!

I popped into the new Oddsox Shoes on Gloucester Road, opposite Bristol School of Gymnastics.  We were greeted by the lovely Jo, one of the owners of the shop.  My daughter can get quite upset when anyone looks at her legs, feet or hips.  This is understandable as she has had X-rays, MRI scans and lots of physical examinations.  But Jo was patient and warm and was able to measure my daughter’s feet.  

Because my daughter is still unsteady on her feet, she needed a pair of shoes that would fully support her feet as well as being cute.  Jo tried her with several different types of shoe until we found the perfect pair!  A pair of pink cruising shoes which fitted her perfectly.
My daughter looks so sweet in her lovely new pair of shoes!  On our way home from Oddsox she kept looking at her new shoes and touching them.  Here she is in her new shoes a week after I bought them…yes, already using her walker!!

My daughter has come a long way.  I am SO proud of her 🙂

Oddsox would like to offer 10% off full price shoes to readers of Bishopston Mum.

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