Take Part in The Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal!

I am excited about Christmas this year.  Both my children are suitably excited, too.  My little boy in particular is very aware of Christmas and the presents it may bring him;  

He regularly informs me of his Christmas wish list: Yoda from Star Wars, a Star Wars spaceship, ‘loads of robots’ and actually pretty much most of the toys advertised on TV.  

I tell him that it is not me he should be speaking to but rather Father Christmas and we plan to write a letter to him this week.  Christmas is for children and I know my children will be blessed with many presents this year.

But obviously lots of children aren’t as lucky as mine and yours.  This year the Salvation Army are having a ‘Christmas Present Appeal’ and Horfield Welly Pre-School and Rimando’s on Gloucester Road are both taking part.  Please do read on and find out how you can take part, too…

The plan of action:

On Wednesday 5th December, Rimando’s are opening their doors from 10.00 – 17.00 and offering free soft play entry for each child in exchange for one small, unwrapped present.  What’s more, Sue Appleford, a Body Shop Consultant will be there from 13.00 – 17.00 giving free hand massages for parents and children!

Then on Thursday 11th December, parents of children at Horfield Welly Pre-School will be bringing in new toys for the Christmas Present Appeal and also pre-loved toys and clothes. 

All donated Christmas presents and pre-loved items collected at Rimando’s and Horfield Welly will be collected by the Salvation Army.  The pre-loved items will be taken to a nearby charity shop.  Then the new Christmas presents will be distributed to children who aren’t as lucky as ours are who are in need of some Christmas presents.

Please do take part 🙂 

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