Magic Dragon: A Magical Pre-School?

Choosing a pre-school is one of the first big decisions you will make about your child’s education.

I have recently been running a series of posts about different pre-schools in and around Bishopston so as to inform parents and help them make that important choice (please also read ’10 Tips to Help You Find the Right Pre-School for Your Child‘).

Today’s interview is with a local mum who’s little girl attended Magic Dragon Pre-School up until she went to primary school in September.  Magic Dragon is held at the Church of the Good Shepherd Hall, Kings Drive, Bishopston.  However, due to it being a popular pre-school, along with Bishop Road Pre-School ending after this year, Magic Dragon has a VERY long waiting list.

On our way to my son’s pre-school

How did you select a pre-school for your child?

I visited three local pre-schools and Magic Dragon had a lovely welcoming atmosphere. I did check the OFSTED reports but my decision was based pre-dominantly on gut instinct and we were lucky to be offered a place.

What made you decide on Magic Dragon? 

The environment was calm and homely.  The staff were friendly and kind and had many years of experience in the pre-school environment. On the day of our visit I noticed how settled and happy the children were with the staff and set-up, like a home from home.  I liked the fact there was routine but within that the children had freedom to express themselves rather than being constantly taught.

How did your child settle into Magic Dragon?  How did staff help help?

Alice settled in quickly being quite an independent little girl however the staff were warm and re-assuring and I really felt they went the extra mile to make the children feel at ease.  Magic Dragon provided sheets for us to fill in about our children, their likes/dislikes, family info etc and this familiarity really helped put Alice at ease.

What did you like best about your child’s pre-school? 

Alice’s key worker was an absolute star, so kind and very perceptive.  Alice took to her quickly and she still talks about her now!

What did you like least?

Absolutely nothing.

What kind of activities does Magic Dragon offer? 

Arts/crafts, home corner, books, water play, garden time, cookery, music and more. All activities involved a huge amount of creativity on the part of the teachers and there always seemed to be something new to look at or do.

What did a typical day involve? 

Times for free play, group learning, outdoor time and snacks.

What were the staff like? 

Friendly, perceptive and caring.

How did you think your child benefited from Magic Dragon during her time there? 

Her confidence grew and her ability to speak up in a group really improved.  Alice’s key worker had noticed that she was often drowned out by louder voices and so she worked with Alice to encourage her to add her ideas etc She made friends and really enjoyed the activities and freedom to experiment and learn.

Anything else you would like to mention? 

Magic Dragon is a wonderful place filled with amazing teachers and happy children.

If you would like more details about Magic Dragon and other pre-schools in the area, please go to Bishopston Mum’s Pre-School Page.  You may also like to read 10 Tips to Find the Right Pre-School for Your Child.

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