A 4th Birthday Party at Boing! for a Big Boy

Today marked a special event: my little boy’s 4th birthday party.  This year we had decided to try a new venue for his birthday party.  In previous years we have hired Rimando’s for his parties and have been very pleased with the results.

But this year we fancied venturing further afield than Bishopston and doing something different.  We opted for Boing!, a multi-activity centre in Lockleaze.  I like Boing! because while it has a good soft play area, it also has a ‘free play room’, complete with activities for children of all ages and stages from 0 – 5.

The children all had a geat time!
Here is my son enjoying the soft play…

Here is Boing’s party host organising the party games…

My little girl enjoying the birthday tea…

And her ice cream dessert…

I had to share this photo of my little boy’s face as his cake arrives…

Here he is blowing out the candles…

There are three options of party package at Boing! to choose from which range from £75 – £200 (however it is cheaper if you live in Lockleaze).  We opted for the ‘Silver’ option which included a dedicated party host, food for twenty children and unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits for adults.
I noticed differences in my son’s 4th birthday party from the birthday parties he has had in previous years.

The first difference is that this year my son actually chose many of the children whom he wanted to invite.  In previous years, most of the children that have been invited to his birthday parties were children of my friends.  But in the last year he has formed his own close friendships at pre-school and this year he was quite specific as to who he wanted to be invited. 

Another change I noticed this year was that, for the first time, several parents dropped their kids off rather than staying with them for the duration of the party.  

Lastly, this was the first time that my son and friends of a similar age were able to play party games properly and all enjoyed the musical statues and musical bumps.

Such changes make it clear to me to me that my little boy is growing up and that he is not quite so little anymore.  I think Boing! was a fitting venue for a big boy’s 4th birthday party 🙂 

If you are interested in hiring out Boing!, please email lockleazep.boing@bristol.gov.uk

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2 responses to “A 4th Birthday Party at Boing! for a Big Boy

  1. We recently hired Boing! for my daughters 4th birthday and I cannot praise the staff or place enough.

    We found the pricing to be excellent, with three different levels of pricing depending on what you wanted from the party. We personally chose the cheapest option as we wanted to cater it ourselves, something you cannot do in many places. It is also possible to have up to 30 children unlike most places and you do not pay per head. The staff were excellent, very helpful and hands on and nothing was too much trouble.

    The large amount of space meant that kids could space themselves out, as could the parents. The staff helped with food and drink preparation, arranging tables and chairs, organizing party games and also all the cleaning up – and you can imagine the mess 25 pre-schoolers make when eating birthday tea!

    Would highly recommend to anyone looking for party hire options.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I completely agree with everything you say. We were more than pleased with Boing! as a birthday party venue and will use them again.

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