Horfield Welly Pre-School: One Mum’s Perspective

Today’s post on Bishopston Mum is a local mum’s review of Horfield Welly Pre-School which is at Horfield Parish Church Hall, Horfield, Bristol. Horfield Welly Pre-School boasts an OFSTED rating of 2 (‘Good’). It runs Tuesday – Friday 9.15am – 1pm and is for children 2.5 – 5 years.


How did you choose a pre-school for your child?
I investigated those closest to me, I looked on the internet and I asked around. I wanted somewhere that had outdoor space, was walking distance and was well regarded.

What made you decide on Horfield Welly? 

I had heard good things about Horfield Welly Preschool from friends and childminders. It is close to where I live. I liked the fact that they have a ‘rising 3’s’ room as I felt my son would be overwhelmed in the bigger room with the older children. I was invited to an open day and I thought it seemed well organised.

How long did it take for your little boy to settle in? How did staff help the settling in process?

He was very happy from the very start. Then he had a wobbly third week and there were lots of tears. The staff were great. Very reassuring, distracting him, speaking kindly to him and encouraging me not to ‘cave in’! They also offered to talk to him about what was troubling him and they always gave me a report on how the rest of the session was for him.


What do you like best about Horfield Welly?
I like that it has a good reputation. I like that it appears to be well run, the staff are presentable and appear professional. I obviously like that my son is very happy there. He enjoys the structure, the activities, and he likes the staff.

What do you like least?

It is not a purpose built building so the facilities are not specifically for kids as they are in other places. There are no children’s sized loo’s and sinks. The rising 3’s room is quite small, and it can sometimes feel like I am forever receiving group text messages asking for a volunteer to rota cover.

What kind of activities does Horfield Welly offer?

Painting, creating, forest school, outings (i.e.: the Aquarium), Easter parade, Christmas show, lovely outdoor space, a very large hall, dressing up possibilities, outdoor toys, baking, making, etc.

What does a typical day involve? 

Welcome, name check, activity, snack time, activity, playtime, lunch. I don’t know exactly but roughly something like that!! He has brought home pictures of suns, sunflower planted in a pot, a dinosaur made from cardboard, paper fish in a bowl, Easter bonnets, clay footprints etc!!
What do you think of the staff?
I like them for the most part.

Has your little boy benefited from being there and if so, how? 

Yes he has. He loves Horfield Welly and It has improved his confidence and will go there full time in September. He has made good friends and he adores his key-worker. He and his best friend will be kept in the same group when they move up to ‘Big Wellies’ – to make the transition easier for them. Weeks and themes are well thought out and he has learnt lots during his time there.

Anything else that you would like to mention? 
It is a very popular pre-school – get your name down as soon as your child is 18 months old.
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For more information about Horfield Welly Pre-School, please visit www.horfieldwellypreschool.wordpress.com or telephone 07837 133 925 or email horfieldwellypreschool@gmail.com

If you would like to read more information and local mums reviews on other pre-schools in and around Bishopston, please visit Bishopston Mum’s Pre-Schools/Schools page 

Do you have any experience of Horfield Welly Pre-School? Please do comment below!


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