Getting Arty Crafty with The Creation Station

My little girl recently enjoyed a taster Creation Station session in Bishopston. She loves all things arty so the Creation Station was right up her arty crafty street. 

The taster session was at a “Little Explorer” class which is for children aged 18 months to five years, held at Horfield Baptist Church. Creation Station classes are held by Laura Meachin who is very enthusiastic and friendly.

All the children were given little “Artist at Work” overalls to protect their clothes. Once everyone was ready, Laura brought out a “Magic Ideas Box”; this was opened only after the children had said the magic words. This Magic Ideas Box contained arty crafty materials relevant to today’s particular theme; used to inspire the children’s imagination and creativity.

The Creation Station differs from art and craft activities in playgroups in that the whole floor is taken up with the activity so that the children can really get stuck in to their arty creations and fully explore the paints and materials on offer.

Today’s activity was to make a picture in a frame; a structured activity with an end aim. However, there was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of making the picture and frame and Laura actively encouraged each child to create a unique design of their own. Children were offered a range of paints along with a vast array of feathers, coloured tissue paper, sparkles, glitter and stickers galore.

As you can see from the pictures my daughter relished the opportunity to design and create her picture and frame (I enjoyed helping her too!).

Following the activity, each child was given a special hand stamp to say well done for their wonderful creations.

It was an hour well spent and my daughter definitely enjoyed her Creation Station taster. Laura’s energy and evident enthusiasm in the actual process of the creating of the pictures and frames as well as in the end result made the session all the more fun. 

I would definitely recommend the Creation Station! 

If you would like more information about The Creation Station, please call Laura on 0844 874 7341 or email

Please see my Baby/Toddler Timetable for Creation Station classes with Laura in Bishopston and Henleaze. Laura also offers Creation Station sessions at children’s parties.

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