Jingaloo: Inspiring a Passion for Music in Young Children in Bishopston & Beyond

Today’s post on Bishopston Mum is about Jingaloo, a free online resource which aims
 to inspire a love of music in young children, as well as an understanding of basic music principles. Jingaloo is the creation of Kerina and James, both teachers and musicians, who produce free videos and online activities as well as running Jingaloo classes for young children at KudaCan.

“Our main goal is to inspire a passion for music, singing and dancing in children from a young age because we believe that music can change people’s lives in so many ways!”
As you can see, Jingaloo songs are bright and cheerful, based on simple themes with easy to copy actions which children will love:

“Many of our songs are based on a theme with fun actions, and some are made to help children understand the basics of music so they can get more enjoyment out of music in later life!”
Here is one of the free Jingaloo online activities…

Both the videos and online activities are ideal for nursery schools, too as they link to the Government’s Early Learning Goals for children under five.

Kerina and James describe how they produce their videos:

“Everything is done by just the two of us. When we film videos, we put up a green screen in one of our living rooms, and then spend a whole day filming. We both contribute to writing the music while James is the main composer, and then Kerina edits all the videos together. We always have a lot of fun and we’re really proud of the finished product.”

Kerina and James explain how Jingaloo started:

“We started Jingaloo classes in February 2011, and then made and produced our first video in May 2013. It was really the classes that led to the videos, as we were writing songs for the classes anyway. We wanted to be able to reach and inspire more children with our music so we decided to make videos and post them online. And we do it because we love it!”  
Jingaloo also offer classes at KudaCan every Friday at 11.15am which include a variety of songs, games, puppets and REAL musical instruments, too. Each class is planned with a specific theme and Kerina and James use their own original songs which they have especially written for the class as well as some traditional nursery rhyme favourites, too. 
The first class at kudaCan is free and thereafter, it is £3.50 per class on a pay-as-you-go basis. There is also a discount for siblings.

Jingaloo are also available for birthday parties for children aged up to 7 years old. A Jingaloo party packed full of music, songs, party games, instruments and party games while planning the party according to your child’s age and particular interests.

If you are interested in trying a free Jingaloo taster session, you can contact Kerina and James though the following ways:

Email: info@jingaloo.co.uk
Twitter: @jingaloomusic
Facebook: facebook.comjingaloomusic

You can also visit the Jingaloo website for more information and free resources or watch Jingaloo videos on Youtube

Enjoy Jingaloo!

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