Chatterbox Playgroup: For Babies, Toddlers & Pre-School Children in Bishopston

Chatterbox play dough 2

The first playgroup that I ever took my little boy to when he was little was Chatterbox. Because of this, Chatterbox holds strong memories for me.

Chatterbox is held at Horfield Baptist Church, Bishopston and runs on Fridays in term-time 10am – 12 noon with a small entrance charge.

Unlike some playgroups, there is no limit to the age range of preschoolers who attend Chatterbox. Therefore babies & children aged 0 – 4 years of age are all welcome. What’s more, because of the wide range of activities, toys and space at Chatterbox, there is enough to occupy older preschoolers as well as babies and toddlers.

The large church hall that Chatterbox is held is also ideal for the older and bigger children who can enjoy the space and freedom to roam without too much risk of hurting younger and smaller children.

Chatterbox craft

However, Chatterbox is very popular and runs on a waiting list only. In fact last time I took my little girl there I was turned away, along with some other mums, due to Chatterbox being just too packed that morning.

Chatterbox definitely has a traditional playgroup type feel, probably down to it being held in a large old church hall. However, it also has a strong structure and routine and singing and stories are held at the same time every week.

There are a good range of dressing-up costumes.

Chatterbos costume

An angel if only in dress!

There is a sand pit.

Chatterbox sand pit

There is also a garage, play kitchen, train set, puzzles and on some Chatterbox sessions, a climbing frame and ride-on cars for the bigger more active kids.

The craft activities at Chatterbox are fantastic!

chatter crafts

Chatterbox craft2

There is even home made play dough for the play dough table!

Chatterbox playdough 3

I think Chatterbox is one of those playgroups where you could venture there for the first time on your own without feeling too self-conscious. I think this might be down to it being held in a large church hall; maybe it would offer a different atmosphere if it was held in a smaller room maybe?

I recommend you putting your name down on the Chatterbox waiting list.

It will be worth the wait 🙂

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