Henleaze Infant & Junior Schools: A Mum’s Perspective


Today on Bishopston Mum a local mum shares her perspective on Henleaze Infant & Junior Schools. Henleaze Infant School is for children aged between 4 – 7 and Henleaze Junior School is for kids 7 – 11 years. Both schools are situated on Park Grove, Henleaze and are both Ofsted graded 1 ‘Outstanding’.

This mum has two children, one who is at Henleaze Infant School and the other at Henleaze Junior School. I hope you find her experiences helpful.

Were Henleaze Infant and Junior Schools your first choice and if so, why?

Yes, our school (Henleaze) was our first choice as it was the nearest to our house and we knew we would be offered a place. (I think the concept of “choice” is a myth, you get the school closest to you!)

What qualities & advantages do you feel it has over other schools?

I like that the “campus” is quite open and has grass, trees and a playing field.

What do you think of the school building and facilities?

The buildings are fine, they make them very colourful and child-friendly with decorations inside.

What do you think of the size of the school?

I think it is a good size for children. Not too big.

What do you think of the staff?

I like all the teachers I have met and the head (particularly the Infants), they seem very dedicated and care about the children individually.

What is your opinion on communication between the school and parents?

They juniors have a weekly newsletter which is emailed and on paper, the infants have one less frequently but use email. I think the communication is good, we do miss the odd thing, but that is probably down to us!

What are the school’s values and ethos?

I don’t know what they would say formally, but I hope it is on every child achieving their potential and enjoying learning and education (maybe those are my values and ethos!).

Do kids in reception receive homework/reading/tasks do do at home? If so, what are your opinions on the amount/level of homework?

Yes reception children have a book to read every evening. I think that is a good amount to do at home.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I don’t think so, I am happy with the education they are receiving at both the infants and juniors.

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