Horfield Welly Pre-School: A Mum’s Perspective

Today on Bishopston Mum a local mum shares her thoughts and experiences of Horfield Welly Pre-School. Horfield Welly Pre-School is at Horfield Parish Church Hall on Wellington Hill, Horfield and has an Ofsted rating of 2: Good. I hope that you find this mum’s review helpful.


What made you choose this pre­-school for your child?

I chose Horfield Welly for my first son because I wanted a pre school where lots of the children would be going to the same infants school as him. Horfield Welly sends about 10 children each year to Ashley Down Infants and about 10 to Horfield C of E as well as to other local schools so its a really good way for your child to meet children he may be friends with, in advance of actually going to school. It also had a strong reputation locally and a really nice outdoor space.

How did staff manage your child’s settling ­in process?

The Horfield Welly pre school team are amazing. They are so attentive. The key worker quickly gets to know the parents names and the child’s personality and works so hard to work with you to help your child settle. They visit your child at home in the summer before they start and they take photos and find out information about likes / dislikes. They are very happy for you to stay with your child to help them settle or to give you a phone call mid-morning if you are anxious about how he is settling.

What do you like best about this pre­school?

Horfield Welly is wonderful. The team are so professional. They are friendly and smiley and warm and positive. Every morning you are met with a personal welcome and you feel as if they genuinely care for your child and the wider family.

The room at Welly is large and full of activities. Each week, there is a different theme and specific theme-related activities. The staff put a tremendous amount of effort into decorating the room or choosing interesting crafts or toys. There is loads of outdoor space and plenty of ways to burn off energy. I cannot fault the dedication of the staff.

They put on lots of special events to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year. sports day. Last summer, there was a bus trip around Bristol and a trip to The Wild Place as well as a week long Forest School. It really is the most wonderful preparation for school. They encourage parent involvement and the culture is excellent.


What kind of activities are there?

Outdoor slides, climbing frames, tricycles, sand, water, dinosaurs, dressing up, painting, computer, books, craft, junk modelling, balancing, shops, bricks. Everything you can think of!

What do you think of the staff?

Wonderful – they are devoted, focussed, professional, caring. They seem long-established and have become good friends to one another which gives the pre school a lovely feel. They have often known families for 5 / 6 years and seen a number of children through the pre school. There is very good continuity.and you have the same key worker for each child in your family so this is my second time with a child in “red group.” They go the second mile and do everything with amazing energy and commitment.

How do you think your child has benefited from this pre­school?

They have both been stimulated in a way that I never could have provided at home and have grown so much in confidence. They are happy and making friends. My first child began writing and was encouraged to try new things – he was an older child in the year and they nurtured him without pushing him. My younger son is only just entering his pre school year and he is simply having fun trying new activities and learning new things. They work at the pace of each child.

Anything else you would like to add?

You need to get on the waiting list very early. From 18 months….

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If you would like to find out more about Horfield Welly, please visit the Horfield Welly Pre-School website, phone 07837 133 925 or email Horfieldwellypreschool@gmail.com. 

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