Introducing MooBoo Gifts to Bishopston

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Bishopston is becoming a hotbed for creative mums and dads starting their own business.

My lovely clever friend, Sam Brown, has done just this, recently setting up “MooBoo Gifts”, offering beautiful products which range from traditional, vintage and shabby chic style gifts and interiors for friends, family, loved ones, children and the home.

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Sam, who is a mum-of-two, launched MooBoo Gifts soon after her second child started primary school. She explains:

“MooBoo Gifts is something I have been thinking of for a number of years. Every now and again I would start crunching numbers but then just keep getting caught up in day-to-day chaos of family life.”

“Then in September I found it hard when both boys were in school full-time and felt I needed something to fill the time when they were not here. I’ve always loved finding little treasures and knick knacks for the house and love buying little gifts for friends and family so thought why not give it a go.”


Sam personally hand-picks products for MooBoo Gifts which have an emphasis on “quality, variety and something a little bit different.”

Sam uses family run UK businesses to source her products, such as the gorgeous RJB Stone, beautiful Pintail Candles and Gainsborough/Rosefields Interior, her aim being “to sell gorgeous, pretty, beautiful things that make people happy”.

red and white xmas

And with Christmas rapidly approaching, MooBoo Gifts currently offers a range of Christmas gifts and decorations for sale…



merry xms

So whether you wish to do some Christmas shopping, are looking for a beautiful gift for someone special or simply fancy having a nosy, please do check out Sam’s MooBoo Gifts facebook page.

It is easy to purchase products that you like; simply comment ‘Sold’ on the photo and then send Sam a personal message with your email address for PayPal and a delivery address. You can also contact Sam via email on

Well done Sam for starting MooBoo Gifts; I wish you every success!