Bishopston Beanstalks Pre-School: A Mum’s Perspective


Today on Bishopston Mum a local mum kindly shares her experiences of Bishopston Beanstalks, a pre-school located at Bishopston Methodist Church, 245 Gloucester Road, Bishopston BS7 8NY.

Bishopston Beanstalks is open from 9.15am – 12pm (or 1pm for children who have lunch there) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and has an OFSTED grade of 2: “Good”.

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What made you choose this pre-school for your child?

I initially went to see Bishopston beanstalks on the recommendation of a friend. My son had been at a different preschool the previous year but had never really settled. I really liked the size of beanstalks and it had a lovely relaxed yet very safe feel to it.

How did staff manage your child’s settling-in process?

The staff at Beanstalks are really welcoming to the preschoolers and their families, allowing you to spend as much time as you like settling your child in. I stayed for quite a few sessions at the beginning with my elder son but my second child knows the staff and the routine so well that he hasn’t wanted me to stay at all!

I have seen one or two children who have taken a little while to settle and the staff have been really kind and attentive, talking and playing with them until they are happy again!

What do you like best about this pre-school?

I would have to say the staff, they are fantastic! They are very enthusiastic and kind and get to know the children really well. They are always available to have a chat about your child which is something I like to do a lot!

I also love the weekly local outings that the children are taken on, visiting local parks, playgrounds, allotments, the gym next door, local opticians and lots more. Last year there was some great guest visitors arranged by the staff including a doctor, dentist, policewoman, a brassband and a magician!

What do you like least?

Before my children went to Beanstalks I might have said that I would have preferred a bigger outdoor space but actually the children go on so many interesting outdoor trips to make up for this, that now I am not so sure!

They also have physical activities and games indoors which the children love. In the summer time the older children take part in outdoor adventure club in small groups which is great.

What kind of activities are there?

There are many different activities available-painting and glueing, model making, planting,stories and songs, role play and dress up, cars and garages, big building blocks, jigsaws,outdoor trips and physical activity, games, snack cafe and lots more! The materials are rotated and there is a variety of resources that the children can access themselves in addition to the planned activities. There is also scheduled “small group time” where the children get to play and learn with their key worker.

What do you think of the staff?

The staff are brilliant, really experienced, caring and interested in the children. They are all mothers themselves and the school is run as a workers’ cooperative, making for a lovely atmosphere and a feeling that the staff really enjoy the preschool and the children.

How do you think your child has benefited from this pre-school?

Bishopston Beanstalks really helped to prepare my older child for school by showing him that he could be very happy and comfortable in an environment away from home, as well as teaching him lots of other practical and social skills.

My younger child is really enjoying his mornings there and I am sure will learn lots too!

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If you would like to find out more about Bishopston Beanstalks, you can read more on my previous post on Bishopston Mum, visit the pre-school’s website or contact Bishopston Beanstalks by phoning 0117 942 5104 or emailing