The Green Treasure Hunt…what will you find?


On Saturday 1st August, Chrissie Decker’s ‘Green Treasures’, located in outdoor spaces across the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland wards, will be unveiled to Bristol.

Part of Bristol 2015’s Neighbourhood Arts Programme, this fun day out is available for all to take part in at any time for a period of six weeks.

Participants can experience what Bristol’s Green Capital year means for local residents and businesses by picking up or downloading the user-friendly treasure map, and following part or all of the nine mile route around the area, ticking off treasures as they go.

There are 20 to find in total, and even some Shauns along the way too!

Ready, get set, grab that bike…! As well as being a great deal of fun, and celebrating all things ‘green’ in this proactive part of the City, the goal of Treasure Hunt is to encourage people to explore the area using ‘active travel’.


Whether it’s cycling, walking or scooting, residents are invited to ditch the car and explore the area via some of the quieter roads and back routes, getting extra fresh air and exercise at the same time.

As well as this, the five larger installations, or ‘Street Pockets’, have been designed according to the five Green Capital themes. They act not just as vivid and quirky installations, but also as information points, linking up and promoting local projects, organisations and business relevant to each theme.

Do you accept the challenge? There’s an exciting element of discovery to entertain participants on their way round the treasure trail: ten of the treasures are smaller, hidden art installations at unmarked locations on route.

At each main Street Pocket there are clues, with information about exactly where to look for these hidden treasures. To get full satisfaction, you can log your finds by registering on the mobile-friendly Green Treasure website. You can even upload pictures to share your adventures along the way…


A peak at what’s in store…? To give you an idea of just one of the treasures, the transport themed Street Pocket is expected to be a must see. Situated on Overton Road, the Pocket is in an ideal spot to accommodate shoppers and local traders from Gloucester Road.

There’ll be bike parking available – 10 bikes in 1 car space! – and an inviting pop up space to meet friends and play outdoor games, like giant chess. The idea is to help us think about how we use our public spaces and consider what we really want from them.

Maps are now available at many local shops, cafes and public buildings in and near Bishopston, Cotham and Redland, and also on the Treasure Hunt’s website:

Register for an account and get ready to log your finds!

More information about the artist, Chrissie Decker, and how it came into being can be found at