An Autumn’s Walk through Gaston Lane, Bishopston

If you ever fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of city life with your children without having to get in the car, there is a little lane in Bishopston which is so quiet and peaceful you can almost believe for a moment that you are in the country!

Gaston 10

This little lane can be found next to 134 Longmead Avenue or 22 Kings Drive. Commonly known locally as “Donkey Lane” and “Dead Man’s Lane”, the real name for this 400 year old lane is actually Gaston Lane.

Surrounded for the most part by allotments, this little stony lane is a perfect place to enjoy a little walk away from busy roads.

Gast 4

Gaston Lane is also great for nature walks. On our many journeys through it to pre-school over the years, my children and I have spotted many little creatures including squirrels, little birds bathing in puddles, as well as a few frogs along the way.

My little girl and I enjoyed a walk through Gaston Lane on one beautiful Autumn morning this week and we enjoyed spotting the signs of Autumn’s arrival.

Now that Autumn is here and the leaves are falling, empty nests not long flown are slowly being revealed in the trees. A few blackberries remain on brambles and the air carries that distinct Autumn freshness.

Gaston 2

Gast 1

Gaston 3

If you get the chance to take your children along Gaston Lane this Autumn, you won’t be disappointed.

But if you don’t make it this Autumn, a walk through Gaston lane is lovely in any season.