Hopperz: Fun & fitness classes for pre-schoolers in Horfield


If you have a pre-schooler who is full of energy then Hopperz fun and fitness classes may be just the ticket.

Hopperz classes are for young children aged approximately 15 months – 4 years and their parents/carers and are held at 10am on Mondays and Fridays at Horfield United Reformed Church (on the junction of Muller/Downend Road). Classes are 45 minutes long and run on a drop-in or pre-book basis.

Today on Bishopston Mum a local mum who regularly attends Hopperz with her two young children kindly gives a review of Hopperz classes.


How long have you been coming to Hopperz?

I take my two-year old twins to Hopperz on Monday mornings. We’ve been coming to Hopperz for about a year.


What activities do you do at Hopperz?

Hopperz is a fun and friendly class that involves a range of different physical activities. It is run by Louisa, whose knowledge and expertise in early years development and wellbeing comes through in the sessions and activities. The class follows the same core format each week but with a different mix of games and songs.

Louisa is very enthusiastic and the children engage with her throughout the class. My sons love to go up to her and show her what they can do (e.g. balancing on a football or spinning a hula hoop around).


Please can you explain the routine of a typical session?

A typical session starts with movement around the hall in a circle including imaginative play (e.g. pretending to be aeroplanes, frogs or penguins!) then playing with ribbons or feathers, footballs, hoops or beanbags, group parachute games and singing action songs. The class always finishes with story time.


Is it a friendly group?

It is a warm, friendly group. It is a drop-in class but we come every week and there is always a mix of regulars and new faces. Louisa is very welcoming and energetic. The adults can chat to each other, join in with the activities or look after younger siblings.

What is your child’s favourite activity at Hopperz?

Their eyes light up when the ribbons, footballs or parachute are brought out. When we first came along to Hopperz they wanted to be picked up a lot – usually at the same time! They are now more familiar with the format and they have really grown in confidence. They still have their usual ‘toddler moments’ but they also have a lot of fun.


What’s your favourite thing about Hopperz?

I wanted to find a class where we could all be physically active together. It also helps me as a mum of twins that it’s a safe environment, they can get involved with the activities together or individually and I can see both of them when they run off in different directions!

Louisa has developed a format that has their pre-school development and wellbeing at heart. Most of all, though, Hopperz is friendly, welcoming and lots of fun.

If you would like to like to find out more about Hopperz classes, please visit  http://www.hopperz.co.uk/