New Kids’ Menu at Boston Tea Party, Bishopston

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My children and I often pop into our local Boston Tea Party on Gloucester Road. We like it because as well as offering nice lunches, snacks and drinks, it is relaxed and child-friendly. There is a play area and safe space for children to play, plus there are usually other families there that we know and always other children there for my kids to play with!

Last week I took the kids out for lunch at Boston Tea Party and tried the new Kids’ Menu which has just been introduced.

Usually in pubs and restaurants there are two separate menus: one for adults and one for children. However, this isn’t always ideal if you have an older child, especially one with a good appetite (like my son!) when the meals on the kids’ menus aren’t quite large enough but an adult portion would be just too big.

Or, maybe you have a very young child and the meals on the kids’ menu are too big or too complicated for their specific needs and tastes.

Boston tea Party have dealt with this problem in a great way: they have introduced a kids’ menu which caters for both younger and older children!

The new kids menu has two parts: a “Little One’s Menu” of breakfasts and main courses suggested for children under 5 and a “Bigger One’s Menu” of breakfasts and mains for children over 5.

On the Little One’s Menu, it includes breakfasts such as Pancakes and Maple Syrup (£2.95), Scrambly Egg & Soldiers (£2.95) and the very reasonably priced Porridge and Honey (£1.75).

The main courses on the Little One’s menu include Mac & Cheese (£3.95), Crudités & Dips (£3.75) and the quick and simple Beans on Toast (£1.95).

My little girl is 5 and my son is 7 so we chose dishes from the Bigger One’s Menu. My daughter chose the Burger & Chips £6.25); this was a good, tasty and hearty dish, plus simple and perfectly sized.


My son opted for the “Bits & Dips” which comprises of Crudités, pita, leaves and dips of Lamb Kofta, chicken and Hallumi.

He really enjoyed this dish; he is quite adventurous with food and enjoyed trying the dips out; it was an interesting dish and perfect for kids; plus with this dish kids son’t have to use cutlery which he liked!

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For dessert we actually ordered one of the breakfasts on the Bigger One’s Menu for both of my kids to share: Pancakes & Maple Syrup £4.95). This worked well and there was enough for both of them.

Both enjoyed pouring the little pot of Maple Syrup over the pancakes as well as eating them!

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The new kids’ menu at Boston Tea Party also includes a great range of drinks. Both of my children went for the Chocolate Milkshakes (£1.85) which didn’t last long I might add.

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The staff at Boston Tea Party are always friendly and accommodating and make an effort to check that you are happy with your meal.

Eating out with kids can sometimes be difficult and even downright stressful at times but the new Kids’ Menu at Boston Tea Party makes things just that bit easier and straight-forward.

With its simple, tasty choices and different-sized meals the menu is great for children at all ages and stages, as well as appetites!

*Disclosure: My children were gifted their lunches free of charge in return for writing about the new Kids’ Menu on Bishopston Mum.