Introducing Bump to Cradle: New Antenatal Classes Starting In Bristol


Expecting a baby can be one of the most exciting times of your life but it can also be a daunting and even worrying one.

Antenatal classes can go a huge way in advising and supporting you while you are pregnant, plus help you to plan and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Antenatal classes also give you the chance to make long-lasting friendships with other parents going through exactly the same experience as you.

I am really pleased to introduce Bump to Cradle to Bishopston Mum readers, a new 6-week antenatal course which offers comprehensive and expert-led classes held in a fun and sociable environment.

Bump to Cradle has been founded by Miriam, a GP and mum who lives in Bristol. Miriam has always had a keen interest in Women and Children’s Health and, since qualifying as a doctor eight years ago, has had much experience of supporting women who have just had babies on a regular basis.

Miriam Walsh

Through her role as a GP, Miriam has on many occasion came across women who were disappointed in their experiences of labour:

“I see women on a regular basis within my GP surgery setting who have just had babies, mostly all coping really well with a newborn but often hear some disappointment in terms of how they felt their labour was and how the early days were going.

“They report feeling ill-prepared for when things don’t go to plan and also not well-informed about what was normal and what was not with their babies. As a result, women can sometimes be left feeling guilty, anxious and even traumatised following their experiences.”

Miriam went on to become pregnant herself and had her own disappointing experience of both antenatal classes and labour:

“It was through my experience of NCT antenatal classes and then a labour that didn’t go to plan, that I felt inspired to pursue the idea of some more expert quality antenatal education.

Miriam strongly believes that women should be given all the options available to them, and that these options should be presented in a non-judgemental way:

“Attending antenatal classes, I found I made some fantastic friends but the quality of the information being given out wasn’t optimal in my opinion. The focus was on a natural birth, with natural feeding methods to follow with little to no information given on what the options were if these weren’t possible.

“If women and their partners are informed about all the different options and feel supported then I strongly believe that this can lead to a better overall experience.”


Miriam’s own experience and her belief that more could be done to support women and help them get much more out of the experience spurred Miriam on to set up Bump to Cradle.

She has put together an incredible team of local specialists, each of whom will be offering information, advice and support during the 6-week course:

“The various experts that women and their partners will meet during Bump to Cradle classes are in the best possible position to give out this information and provide a relaxed environment for questions.

The team of specialists includes, as well as Miriam herself, a Consultant Anaesthetist, Midwife, Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Pregnancy and Postnatal Personal Trainer, Health Visitor, Paediatrician, Consultant Obstetrician, plus a Night Nanny!

The Bump to Cradle course will provide detailed advice and information through each of the following sessions: Your Health, The Birth, Intervention and Pain Relief, Postnatal Care for You and your Baby, Early life with your Newborn and Feeding.

And, as well as the classes, each couple will receive free course material to take home, plus access to videos of their course.


Bump to Cradle will provide women and their partners with the best antenatal care and help them make the most out of the experience of pregnancy, birth and being a new parent.

As Miriam explains:

“Trying to get the most out of the experience whichever way things go is what Bump to Cradle is all about. I wanted to provide a space for women and their partners to enjoy high quality antenatal education AND make friends at the same time.

Bump to Cradle antenatal classes start in January 2017 and will take place in Clifton every Wednesday evening from 6.30 – 9pm. If booked before November 2016, the course will be just £275 overall.

To find out more about Bump to Cradle please visit

To book a place or to contact Miriam directly you can do so via phoning 07870 803 950 or emailing