‘Baby Sensory’ baby development classes at St Bart’s Church, St Andrew’s: A Bishopston Mum Review


Today’s post on Bishopston Mum is a local parent’s review of Baby Sensory Bristol North, baby development classes for babies aged from newborn to 13 months at St Bart’s Church Hall, St Andrew’s.

Baby Sensory Bristol North classes are run by local mum, Vicky Oliver and are held on Tuesdays in term-time: 10.30 – 11.30am for 7 – 13 months and 11.45am – 12.45 for 0 – 7 months.

I hope you find this review helpful…

How old is your little one and long have you been going to Baby Sensory classes?

Francis is seven months old and has been going to baby sensory since he was about ten weeks old.



What’s your his favourite part of Baby Sensory?

Bubbles, flying aliens and Vicky. Francis just loves Vicky. He watches her like a hawk, even when he’s supposed to be following me!

All the babies love Vicky, actually. The crawlers in the group love to gather around her as she demonstrates what we’re about to do.

And she Loves them too, gives them a cuddle, is very patient when they interrupt or distract her 🙂


What toys, props and themes does Vicky offer?

What doesn’t she? I think our favourite part is the weeks when there’s a theme and we all huddle around a parachute silk and use it as a prop.

One week, there was an underwater theme and Vicky had created an underwater world from cushions and silks and mermaids etc. Then we floated the silk up and down like water rippling, while Vicky told a story and floated bubbles. It’s really magical.

Sometimes there is a puppet show and that’s great fun too. Francis was a bit scared of the wizard though (much to my amusement, poor Francis!).

Then she also teaches what you can use at home, plus cheap and easy things to make into toys. It never occurred to me to get a saucepan and wooden spoon and do a good big of beating. It gets the stress out for both me and Francis!



What is the routine of the group?

We start with  a signing song which is familiar to the babies and signals the start of the group. It varies what we do.

After 20 minutes we break and go to the play area where there are lots of toys and then after 20 minutes it’s back to the group. The break is great to socialise – both fit babies and mums, and dads.

At the end we have the signing goodbye song, which signals the finish.


Is it a friendly group or did it take a while to get to know other parents/carers?

I think that all depends what space you’re in. I was very down the first five months of Francis’ life and I felt quite intimidated at the sessions, by the other mums.

Now I’m much stronger and more relaxed, and I find it so easy to chat to other mums and try to include anyone I see on their own.

So I think it is friendly but it really depends on your state of mind and how tired you are!



In you opinion what are the best bits about this group?

The structure of it, Vicky herself and all the ideas she has. Also the ideas she provides for play at home.


Anything else that you would like to add about Baby Sensory?

Just that Vicky is fab and so dedicated to her job. I can’t recommend her enough.


The new Winter Term of Baby Sensory Bristol North starts on 22nd November. Classes run in St Andrews (Tuesdays), Bradley Stoke (Wednesdays) and Westbury Park (Thursdays).

There will be lots of fun, ideas for play at home, and special 1:1 time with your baby. No two weeks are the same.

Babies will be taken on a Train Journey, an adventure in the Jungle and will also wander through the Baby Sensory Magic Garden! 

Follow this link to book your place: www.babysensory.com/en/ClassDetails/bristol-north

You can also contact Vicky by e-mailing bristolnorth@babysensory.co.uk