Henleaze Library: fun, free and thoroughly child-friendly


One of my very favourite local places to visit with my children is Henleaze Library. It is bright, spacious, has a great selection of children’s books and is thoroughly child-friendly.

There are little seats for children to sit on and look at books, plus a little sofa for you and your child to enjoy stories together.

There are also tables for children to sit at, complete with crayons and paper ready to be used. There are even some toys to entertain very young children.

Henleaze Library’s child-friendliness extends even to babies and there is a selection of board books just for them.

There are also big boxes on the floor filled to the brim with bright and colourful books for toddlers, preschoolers and children to choose from.


For children who are learning to read there is a whole bookshelf devoted to early readers with reading books for all different levels of ability.

And, for children who are confident readers there are bookcases galore of books, both fiction and fact!

There is also a good selection of DVDs, plus foreign language books for children.

I have a special fondness for Henleaze Library as this was the library I spent many a happy Saturday morning as a child.

It feels good to be taking my own children there and making more happy memories!


On my most recent visit to Henleaze Library, I just took my little girl. As soon as we arrived she noticed the colourful paper dragons adorning the walls of the library as part of a Chinese New Year theme.

My little girl has recently been learning about space at school and so she wanted to get a book about ‘rockets’, plus a Science book too. As there was an index of children’s book sections on one of the tables I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach her about how to find different types of books.



We found the ‘s’ section in the index and once we had found ‘space’, she traced her finger to the appropriate reference number. Once we had found this, I helped her find the section of books on space, rockets and more.

We did the same with finding the children’s science section in the library and she picked out this book, very impressed with the ‘maggots’ on the cover!


Although we are regulars at Henleaze Library, I have always used my own library card when my little boy and girl borrow books.

However, today I thought it was time for my daughter to have her own library card, and how excited she was. She even wrote her name on the back of it! On our next visit to the library I will show her how to use it.

If you have children I recommend making a visit to Henleaze Library if you haven’t already.


Henleaze Library holds weekly Baby Bounce and Rhyme sessions for babies on Thursdays at 2pm where you can enjoy nursery rhymes with your little ones.

There are also Storytime Sessions for children aged from around 18 months on Thursdays at 11.15am – these include stories, rhymes and simple craft or colouring activities.

Both Baby Bounce and Rhyme and Storytime sessions are free and drop-in. You can call 0117 903 8541 for more details.

You can find Henleaze Library on Northumbria drive, Henleaze, BS9 4HP. I am sure you will enjoy your visit!