An Exciting New Reward System: The TotsUp Big Red Bus


If you are currently grappling with toddler tantrums, good bedtime routines, fussy eating or any other tricky behaviour from your little one, TotsUp will be of help!

TotsUp is an exciting new interactive reward system for children in the design of a Big Red Bus which is bright, colourful and easy to use and comes with ten friendly passengers, all waiting at the bus stop to board the bus!

The Big Red Bus reward chart is magnetic and re-usable and ideal for children aged two and a half to six. It also comes with removable adhesive letter stickers which can be used to personalise the bus with your child’s name.

The concept is simple: each time your child achieves a pre-agreed target, for example, weeing in their potty or staying in their bed at night-time, your child can choose a passenger to place on their Big Red Bus.

When all passengers are on board the bus, your child receives their reward!


TotsUp has been created by Sally Marks, a graphic designer, lecturer and mum of two little boys. She explains the inspirations behind TotsUp:

“The original concept for the red bus reward chart came about 10 years ago when I worked with a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and it was resurrected when I began potty training with my son – I realised the concept of a reward chart worked really well but he found the idea of rows and columns baffling!

“So I developed the original bus design and as we tackled bedtime routines, tantrum taming, fussy eating and more… the passengers on the bus became my best friends!”

Sally then spent several years developing the Big Red Bus reward chart, working with early years educators, undertaking extensive research and ensuring thorough testing by many parents.


As well as the reward chart, Sally has developed an IOS app for parents to use while out and about so as to consistently use the Big Red Bus reward system.

The app can be personalised with a photo of your child and is ideal to use on car journeys, in the supermarket and at friends’ houses!

The TotsUp reward system has been a hit with parents and carers alike.

Local mum and Chartered Educational Psychologist, Emma Leigh used the Red Bus reward chart for her own two children and has had very positive results:

“The Big Red Bus reward chart is very attractive and my children really enjoyed using it. They enjoyed putting people on to the bus and they obviously enjoyed the rewards at the end of it!”


In fact, recent research shows that 92% of parents who have used the TotsUp bus reward chart and app said it had ‘positively impacted on their child’s behaviour’.

Sally explains: “I am so thrilled to hear this, it’s amazing to think TotsUp is making a difference!”

As well as proving a huge success with parents, TotsUp has received a Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday award in September 2016, a Jacqueline Gold WOW award and just last week won Silver in ‘Best Parenting App’ and ‘Best Educational App’ categories in the Family Awards by Mumii Magazine!


And, on Saturday evening, TotsUp won the award for Innovation at the Weston & District Chamber of Commerce Awards – the awards were presented by Dido Harding, CEO of Talk Talk and MP John Penrose (pictured above).

TotsUp has also been awarded ‘Made in Britain’ status and the Red Bus Reward Chart and packaging are all manufactured in the UK.

sbstotsupbadgemib-vertical-logo-stacked-top-south-westThe Big Red Bus reward system can also be ordered in pink, plus there are also animal passengers available to mix things up a little!

TotsUp is a fantastic parenting tool and I am sure it will be of great use to many parents and carers!

If you would like to order a Big Red Bus reward chart for your little one, or find out more about TotsUp, please visit