Glenfrome Primary School Children Take Part In CBBC Show, ‘Top Class’

Five Year 6 children from Glenfrome Primary School in Eastville have had an exciting end to Term 5 following being selected to take part in the CBBC show Top Class.

They had to complete application forms, answer general knowledge questions, and get through the final hurdle of a Skype interview in order to be chosen.

They were then flown to Glasgow with their parents for four days of excitement!

Although the end result is supposed to be a secret until the programme is screened, the school were able to tell us that they did extremely well and they are very proud of them!

Ridwan aged eleven explained, “I really enjoyed it but I was very nervous!” And, Jenkin, the team captain said, “Once we got into the quiz we were confident.”

Tomos and Sumeya, who had not flown before, loved the flight to Glasgow, and all the children tried deep-fried mars bars!

They also had time to explore the sights in Glasgow, visiting the Science museum and an all you can eat Indian Buffet!

The children said the show’s host, Susan Calman was really funny and friendly and put them at their ease.

Noah aged eleven said ‘Our teacher Miss Rosser was awesome. It was really scary for her but she did brilliantly’.

The children had to go to hair and makeup which they found highly amusing. They even had Chanel make up!