Taking Kids Around the World by Sara Wheeler

This is Sara Wheeler, who, until one year ago, lived in Ashley Down with her husband and two young sons.

They then sold their house and most of their belongings, said goodbye to their friends, family and local community and took off for amazing adventures around the world!

Since she set off on her adventures with her family, Sara has been writing a blog about her travels called The Wheelers on the Bus – do head over there to find out more.

But until you do, here’s a blog post from Sara herself …

Have you ever had the feeling that you want to do something completely different? Look at your life from a new perspective?

I felt that I was on a constant treadmill of school runs, juggling childcare and work. It made me feel… claustrophobic and that I was somehow missing something.

I loved my beautiful house in Ashley Down and the kind community that we had all become a part of. We loved our school. We loved our local pub and the Gloucester Road.

We loved playing Hide & seek on Horfield Common and heading to Brandon Hill at dawn to watch the balloons take off at the Fiesta.

I have also loved to travel though, so when my husband suggested getting rid of all this to travel the world I had to think about it.

For ten minutes, at least…

Here is my piece on the Motherload explaining what we did and how we did it.