Brunel Field School Pupil Donates Hair to The Little Princess Trust

Last Saturday I was really pleased to be invited along to Nuala Morey hair and beauty salon in Bishopston to witness two very special – and radical – hair cuts.

8-year old Noa Chesney from St Andrews, along with her aunty, Catherine Carpenter-Clawson (see photo above), were both having their hair cut for The Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides real hair wigs for children who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Noa had been growing her hair especially for this purpose ever since learning that her ‘Aunty Cats’ had lost her hair when she was 3-years old due to chemotherapy.

After making the decision to grow and then donate her hair for The Little Princess Trust, Noa had persuaded Aunty Cats to do the same, thus the Big Hair Cut event was organised!

As well as making the decision to donate her hair, Noa had also researched the best haircuts to have so as to maximise donations, organised the hair donation packs and stood up in school assembly to explain what she was doing to inspire others to do the same!

The cutting and donating of hair to The Little Princess Trust must follow a required process and Noa and Catherine had to grow their hair long enough so that at least 7 inches could be donated.

Noa and Catherine’s hair was secured at the top and then again at the bottom and then measured.

Just before getting her radical hair cut, I asked Noa how she was feeling and she told me that she was “excited and nervous at the same time”.

All waited with bated breath to witness the Big Hair Cut and it was very exciting to watch!

After being cut off, both Noa and Catherine’s hair was put in resealable donation bags and secured, ready to be sent off to The Little Princess Trust.

As well as donating their hair to The Little Princess Trust, Noa and Catherine have set up a Just Giving page to raise money for the charity – please donate, it’s an amazing cause!

The Big Hair Cut was a great event to witness and a wonderful thing to do for a very special charity – well done Noa and Catherine!