Inspirational Mags Patten visits Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School recently welcomed Mags Patten, Executive Director of Public Policy and Communication for Arts Council England, to speak with 30 Year 10 students who are following creative options and may have an interest in pursuing a career in the Arts or Media in the future.

Mags (pictured right), who ensures the leadership and workforce in the arts, museums and libraries are diverse and appropriately skilled, was a truly inspirational speaker.

Before arriving at FHS, Mags had a long telephone conversation with the Vice Principal in order to learn about the school, its students, and exactly how they would benefit from her visit.

As a result, the students were fascinated to hear her experiences, her reflections on herself at aged 14, the three things “I did right” and the three things “I did wrong”. She also showed great interest in getting to know students; what media they watch and listen to, plus their ambitions and interests.

As always, FHS students made everyone proud as they listened with great interest and respect, before asking original and insightful questions. Hopefully the talk has given them food for thought about possible future career choices.

FHS was grateful to Mags for giving up her time, and also to Robert Peston, Founder of the education charity ‘Speakers for Schools’, which helps share unique insights, spark inspiration and create exciting conversations for students with big questions for individuals who have come to be a leader in their field or industry.

Student feedback:
“I thought it was very interesting when Mags was telling us about her 14 year old self” – Sam

“I found the talk really interesting especially with the realisation that you could start off with on job and go on a journey to another.” – Romany

“Mags was very inspirational as she was relatable” – Alex

“I learnt what was needed to get a job within the Arts and how determined you need to be” – Maud

“Mags spoke well and I learnt a lot about her career, how she got into it and why persevering is essential in any career I may choose in the future” – Antoni 10Q

“I have learnt that you take other paths aside from university. It was great!” – Yahye

“Mags Patten was really nice and the insight into her life was interesting – the talk felt more meaningful” – Alfie

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