St Bonaventure’s Early Years Pre-School, Bishopston: A Parent’s Review

Today on Bishopston Mum is a local parent’s honest review of St Bonaventure’s Early Years, a pre-school for children aged 3 – 4 which is located on Egerton Road, Bishopston.

As of this date (April 2019), St Bon’s Early Years has a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating. 

My eldest daughter has attended St Bonaventure’s Early Years this year. From day one my child entered the Early Years with a huge smile on her face and came out with the same big smile! What more could a parent want!

As a parent I was looking for a caring environment where my child would be taught good discipline and morals whilst making friends and that at the end of the year she would finish feeling confident and ready to start school. I can safely say that St Bonaventure’s Early Years has done this.

The day-to-day routine gives the children enough structure and routine that they know whats coming next and understand what to expect. Whilst the open play and attention to individual development from the staff allows the children to explore their creative minds as well as finding true interests and abilities.

When you enter the facility there is always a calm atmosphere, the staff always make time to have a chat which in turn makes you as the parent feel so confident that your child is with people you know, and like!

When a member of staff asks how your child is, you really truly believe that they want to know and if something isn’t quite right there is not a shadow of a doubt that they will be keeping an eye on them.

When your child needs help learning boundaries they will support in this, if your child is tired or has something going on at home they will give extra cuddles and care for them, and if your child is on top form they will have fun and share endless energy with them.

Over the year they have taken part in a range of activities, from Christmas plays, tennis twice a week, outdoor play daily, celebrating all events including chinese new year (making noodles and chinese lanterns), planting flowers and much more.

The factor that has impressed me so much is that whilst the children participate in these activities they have made really, really good friends. My daughter talks endlessly about her friends at St Bonaventure’s Early Years, and I feel that the children have really been encouraged to make strong bonds with the other children.

This is a social skill that is so important throughout life and it makes me very happy to know that in my daughter’s pre-school year friendship has been a key feature.

I honestly don’t have a single criticism, and will excitedly send my second child in 2 years time! The parents are so grateful as a whole for all of our children’s positive pre-school experience that we are organising a thank you for the staff – they have been truly brilliant.

The staff have encouraged the parents to meet at coffee mornings, end of term drinks, and created a support group for everyone. They are all loving, responsible, down-to-earth, and passionate Early Years Teachers.

It’s a big THANK YOU from me.